• K.MichelleCast Member

    K.Michelle is a force to be reckoned with, who's ready to jump gates and take names to fulfill any of her big dreams.

    Hailing from Memphis, TN, the R&B superstar has defied all odds for her dreams. K.Michelle is a college-educated female who decided to pursue her ultimate dream of securing a major record deal. After signing with Jive Records in 2009, K.Michelle decided to move in a different direction and secure creative independence when she signed with Atlantic Records in 2012.

    Since 2012, K.Michelle has released three #1 albums and had three tours with huge hits such as "V.S.O.P.", "Can't Raise aA Man", "Love Em All", and "Not A Little Bit".

    After blockbuster music success, the risk-taker K.Michelle is back in Atlanta where she started it all...and she's ready to conquer new ventures! With a new record label sponsored by Atlantic Records, and a new upscale 'girl cave' lounge opening in Atlanta called Puff & Petals, there's nothing K.Michelle can't do!

    It's K.Michelle's life, and the rest of us are along for the wild ride!

  • JonathanCast Member

    K.Michelle's physical transformations are often the direct result of the hands of her beloved makeup artist, Jonathan. A trusted companion and advisor, Jonathan and K have become inseparable, and now that K's third tour is over, he is ready to have some real downtime with his BFF.

    After having a shot gun wedding in L.A., Jonathan is ready to help K.Michelle find "Kimberly Pate" as he finds himself as well! Johnathan encourages K to maintain a personal and professional balance, and to focus on herself through all the distractions. Johnathan is K.Michelle's voice of reason, with a touch of ridiculousness to match.

    As one of K's longest friends and confidantes, Jonathan may want to push out old and new pals from the inner circle to protect K...and himself! P. London is first on the list.

  • P. LondonCast Member
    P. London

    P. London is a Memphis born and raised country girl who is always looking to have some fun! The aspiring rapper has known K.Michelle since 2008 (when they tore through the town of Memphis in their formative years), and is always K's comedic relief during the good and bad times.

    After attempting to be K's assistant (for a second!) in L.A., and being an over-extended house-guest, P. London is now living on her own in Atlanta to spend more time with her two children. Now that P. London has to fend for herself, she is looking to pursue anything to make a pretty coin and penny - which may include working at K's Puff & Petals!

    P. London is always down to have fun but some of her recent behavior may force friends such as Jonathan have P. London face her inner demons.

  • ShalahCast Member

    If anyone knows K.Michelle best, it is her baby sister, 26-year-old Shalah. Shalah is the opposite of K in most aspects of their lives but they are also the same when it comes to popping off when pushed enough. Shalah just needs more pushing, where as K does not.

    Shalah has been a social worker for a few years now and wants a change in her life. She has always wanted to work with her sister in some capacity, but K would not allow it - not until she earned a degree and worked in her field for a few years.

    But now, the time has come! Itching to leave Memphis and give her 4-year relationship a break, Shalah plans on moving to Atlanta to live with K.Michelle and work for her sister!

  • ParisCast Member

    Season 1

    Paris and K.Michelle are true BFFs, after having met via Twitter years ago. Paris is a fiercely loyal friend to K.Michelle, often to her own detriment. Protective and outspoken, Paris will allow nothing and no one to mess up the success that K.Michelle is destined for.

    Paris is also quite rough ­around­ the­ edges, which often conflicts with K.Michelle's new image and social expectations. Paris is committed to riding the wave of fame and success with K.Michelle, but as K.Michelle's social circle expands, Paris finds herself being pushed out. Will these long-term friends be able to grow together through it all? Or will K.Michelle's lifestyle leave Paris behind?

  • TracieCast Member

    Season 1

    One of K.Michelle's oldest friends from Memphis, Tracie is back in New York City to reconcile with K after a falling out of epic proportions. Accused by Paris of stealing from K.Michelle, Tracie is back to vindicate herself against what she claims are false accusations.

    After moving in temporarily with K.Michelle, Tracie finds an unlikely ally in Nema when they bond over their mutual dislike of Paris. Tracie wants a fresh start, but is New York really the place for it?

  • NemaCast Member

    Season 1

    Nema, a Miami native now a staple in the New York City scene, is K.Michelle's ticket to the New York City she belongs in - glamorous, classy, and exclusive. Nema has a heart of gold behind an exterior of iron, and refuses to let anyone get under her skin.

    As K.Michelle's roommate, Nema is K's go-to friend for fun, socializing, and hitting the streets - often to the chagrin of Paris and Jonathan who don't approve of Nema's "mean" ways.