• Stevie JStar
    Stevie J

    Three-time Grammy Award-winner Steven Jordan (better known as Stevie J) rocketed to stardom in the 1990s as an in-house producer, songwriter, and musician at Sean "Puffy" Combs' Bad Boy Entertainment, which kicked off a legendary, decades-spanning career notable for chart-topping collaborations with A-list talent including The Notorious B.I.G., Mariah Carey, Beyonce, Jay Z.,and Lil Wayne.

    A notorious ladies' man, Stevie J has weathered a long series of turbulent relationships - most famously his volatile romance with Joseline "The Puerto Rican Princess" Hernandez. But with Joseline in the rearview mirror for good, a newly single Stevie J is ready to take on the world.

    VH1's Leave It To Stevie follows the charismatic producer's surprising, heartfelt, and frequently hilarious misadventures as he reconnects with friends and family, pushes his career in new directions, and navigates single life in Atlanta's fast lane. Stevie will have his hands full with his kids, learning about the unique challenges of parenting teenagers. Along the way, he will realize he has some maturing to do himself and if he wants to grow up, bachelorhood might not be his best option.

  • Faith EvansFeatured Guest
    Faith Evans

    An R&B legend who tells it like it is, Faith Evans grew up on the mean streets of Newark, New Jersey and in 1994 became the first female artist signed to Bad Boy Entertainment, where she released three Platinum-certified albums along with numerous chart-top- ping hits, including the Stevie J.-produced Grammy Award-winning single “I’ll Be Missing You.” She started her own record label in 2010, and is set to release “The King and I” -- a compilation of duets with her former husband The Notorious B.I.G. in 2017. The album features a new Stevie J.-produced track, aptly titled “Legacy.” Pragmatic and blunt, Faith is resilient in the face of drama and chaos, which has made her an invaluable friend to Stevie over the past twenty years. She has seen Stevie through high and lows, including his many turbulent romantic relationships. In fact, she’s been one of his longest female relationships. But now that they’re both single, does their intense chemistry have the potential for something more?

  • Stevie Jr.Featured Guest
    Stevie Jr.

    A rising college freshman on a prestigious basketball scholarship, Stevie Jr. is a 19-year-old dead-ringer for his dad, with the charm to match. Unlike his sisters, Stevie Jr. understands and admires his dad’s return to the dating scene and plans to learn something from him. Stevie Jr.’s game off the court is nowhere near as strong as his skills on the court. His dad is determined to make sure he starts college on the right foot and is ready to lay on the life lessons. Stevie is an unconventional teacher to say the least, and the Jordan men will land themselves in some hilarious situations along the way.

  • SadeFeatured Guest

    Smart and fiercely independent, Stevie’s 21-year-old daughter Sade is a full-time college student who works long hours. In other words, she’s a grown woman with grown woman problems, and as such she’s long avoided getting dragged into Stevie’s endless cycle of drama and messiness. Of the kids, Sade had the least face-time with Stevie throughout her childhood, and learned from her mother to rely on herself. But Joseline’s exit is an opportunity for a fresh start, and now Sade and her dad are nally forging a meaningful relationship. Sade’s levelheaded perspective as a childhood development major comes in handy when Stevie lands himself in sticky situations. Meanwhile, Stevie wants Sade to loosen up and enjoy her youth. For Sade, getting closer to Stevie means dealing with Savannah, who she considers an entitled brat. But Stevie is determined to unite the half-sisters and will use any of his charms necessary.

  • SavannahFeatured Guest

    Savannah is Stevie J.’s spoiled-rotten princess, but at 17 years old, she’s also on the verge of adulthood, and she can’t wait to seize her independence. Headstrong and opinionated, Savannah butts heads with her dad about typical issues like boys and shopping, but she’s also one of his closest allies and confidants. In the wake of Stevie’s breakup with Joseline, Savannah is excited to spend a few months in Atlanta, really get to know her father, and help him put the past behind him for good. But long-simmering tension between Savannah and her half-sister Sade will make living in the same house difficult to navigate. Their dfferences and disagreements have always caused Stevie some major headaches and heartaches. This time the tension will force him to play peacemaker while coming to terms with his own shortcomings as a father.

  • EvaFeatured Guest

    Stevie J.’s pride and joy, 6-year-old Eva is a diminutive dance machine with a bold attitude and an outsized personality. She’s also the resident peacemaker in the Jordan family. Both Savannah and Sade adore Eva and are willing to do almost anything for her - maybe even setting aside their dfferences to celebrate the bonds of sisterhood. Stevie co-parents Eva with Mimi Faust, who remains one of his closest friends through thick and thin.

  • ScrappyFeatured Guest

    One of the first acts signed to Lil' Jon's Black Market Recordings, Lil' Scrappy amassed a huge following throughout the Dirty South with the 2003 release of his hit single "Head Bussa." He's been cranking out music ever since. Stevie and Scrappy used to have a volatile relationship, but they've mellowed out over the years and forged a solid friendship. A sensitive softie beneath his tough exterior, the recently engaged Scrappy finally found "the one" and wants to help Stevie find happiness too.

  • Yung JocFeatured Guest
    Yung Joc

    A multi-platinum rapper and entrepreneur, Georgia-native Yung Joc signed to Bad Boy Entertainment in 2005 and broke ground in 2006 with “It’s Goin’ Down,” a chart-topping single that put him on Forbes Magazine’s annual “Richest Rappers” list. The ensuing years have been a wild ride, full of colorful music projects and business ventures -- and nine kids! Off beat, adventurous, and high-spirited, Yung Joc is always down for a good time, which makes him the perfect sidekick for Stevie, who’s determined to expand his horizons and live life to the fullest in the post-Joseline era.