• Jacob KnightCast Member
    Jacob Knight

    Jacob Knight, son of legendary hip-hop mogul Suge Knight, is a real-estate trainee determined to forge his own path and repair his family legacy following his father's legal woes. Jacob struggles both personally and professionally under the weight of his family name as he strives to rise in the ranks of L.A.'s real-estate game.

  • Ajani ScottCast Member
    Ajani Scott

    Ajani Scott is a part-time waitress struggling to fulfill her dream of becoming a celebrity real-estate agent. She moved her hustle over to the world of real estate to make some money while she builds her professional network. Seeing her potential, veteran agent Erik Miles has taken Ajani on as an apprentice at his own agency. The stakes are high as Ajani learns to put her money where her mouth is, which jeopardizes Erik's A-list clientele.

  • Zac DilesCast Member
    Zac Diles

    Zac Diles is a former professional football player and has since suited up for a new type of game: real estate. After eight years in the NFL, Zac has built a network of clients out of his former teammates -- and adversaries. Zac's love for the ladies, including other agents, often gets him in trouble. Despite being in a relationship with Kat Tat from VH1's Black Ink Crew Chicago, Zac finds himself caught between his current girlfriend and fellow cast member and ex-girlfriend Samantha, who's determined to get him back.

  • Taylor SchwartzCast Member
    Taylor Schwartz

    Taylor Schwartz is a rookie agent. Despite being younger than her peers, she's a force to be reckoned with. She has the charm, smarts and beauty to reel in new clients, but her fiery temper often lands her in hot water, leaving her career in jeopardy. Working under Tai's wing, Taylor begins to wonder if the grass is greener on the other side when fellow real-estate competitor Andrew Clinkscale offers her a position.

  • Andrew ClinkscaleCast Member
    Andrew Clinkscale

    Andrew Clinkscale is a top agent at one of Beverly Hills' most prestigious real-estate agencies. But Andrew wasn't always on top. He grew up in the foster-care system and has been homeless twice in his life. He's seen the bottom and is determined to never go back. Andrew's professional and personal life soon collide as rumors about an affair with another real-estate agent begin to surface. Will the gossip about the engaged "golden boy of real estate" bring him down?

  • Samantha BarrettoCast Member
    Samantha Barretto

    Samantha Barretto recently moved to L.A. and has quickly climbed up the real-estate ladder by joining one of the most prestigious agencies in Beverly Hills. While running in the same industry circles as her ex-boyfriend Zac, Samantha's feelings for him begin to heat back up and affect her professional life.

  • Sarah ScheperCast Member
    Sarah Scheper

    Sarah Scheper is a proven real-estate power player who originally conquered the market in Orange County. After overcoming personal struggles, Sarah has embraced sobriety and turned over a new leaf in L.A. While Sarah quickly becomes the queen of Beverly Hills real estate, her reputation is threatened when she begins an on-again, off-again relationship with Jacob, which leads to friction between him and the other agents.

  • Erik MilesCast Member
    Erik Miles

    Erik Miles is a charming lawyer-turned-real-estate-agent, a one-stop shop with his own imprint at a West Hollywood agency. The son of a successful athlete, Erik is willing to take risks to close deals, which often pays off -- but sometimes blows up in his face.

  • Tai SavetCast Member
    Tai Savet

    Tai Savet is eager to break bread -- and the bank -- with his unique L.A.-based brokerage firm as the go-to agent for the biggest names in showbiz. From Tai's perspective, the future is bright and primed for expansion, especially with a roster of hip millennials on his team like Taylor and Jacob.

  • Alexandre AnuCast Member
    Alexandre Anu

    Alexandre Anu is a real-estate titan at of one of L.A.'s premiere brokerage firms, who continues to grow his elite clientele. All of his listings are high-end luxury properties with an extensive roster of A-list celebrities and top business executives.