Black Ink Crew Season 3 Episode 19 Songs

jacquie lee

OShit is in the waiting room about to get a vasectomy. Kathie has expressed concern it will encourage his risky behavior, But Shit goes into the operating room thinking about all his babies and baby mamas.
2.Walk On Water by Kat Dahlia
Dutchess sneaks out of bed with Ceaser. She packs up the rest of her stuff, calls her dad and tells him he is coming home. She is heading to NC to follow her dreams, even if it means she has to leave Ceaser to do it
3.Broken Ones by Jacquie Lee
Ceaser approves Donna's sketch to do a tattoo at Black Ink. While Donna is putting the finishing touches on the tattoo, she lets everyone know that Max has been arrested and is in prison. She is upset but has faith, and is enjoying her second chance at Black Ink.