Black Ink Crew Season 3 Episode 20 Songs

Laura Welsh PROMO

1.Betrayal by Laura Welsh
Ceaser decides to follow Dutchess to NC and close down the shop. This plays over a last moment with each BIC employee thinking about what they are going to do now that BIC is closed. Everyones future is uncertain, including Ceaser who is standing at Dutchess's new shop.
2.Burning Bridges by Ludacris ft. Jason Aldean
Dutchess is tattooing her basketball player client in NC. She is sad that she left Ceaser, but is talking about how sometimes you need to sacrifice things you want for your dreams.
Dutchess returns home to NC and see's her family. Thye ask why Ceaser isnt with her, and she tells them he needs to stay in NYC for his business and she needed to go home to do whats best for her