Black Ink Crew Season 4 Episode 12 Songs

CLOVES press photo

Season finale. Black Ink Crew hosts a party for the shop and friends. Ceasar reflects on all that there is to be happy about. He’s proud to show his success to all those who doubted him
2.Don't Forget About Me by Cloves
Cast member leaves his job (and his work family) at Black Ink Crew to go to rehab.
3.Our Love by Nico & Vinz
Donna goes to visit Max in jail so they can get married. She poses for pictures in her wedding dress after they tie the knot.
4.Man or Monster by Sam Tinnesz ft. Zayde Wolf
OShit tattoo’s a warrior on a client whose life story is one he can relate to. He reflects on how he needs to do some serious soul searching and change his life to be the kind of man he needs to be for his children.