• Shaunie O'NealCast Member
    Shaunie O'Neal

    Shaunie O'Neal is best known as the ultra-successful creator, executive producer and star of VH1's mega-hit Basketball Wives franchise, but to those closest to her she is so much more than bright lights and flashy cameras.

    Behind the scenes, the less glamorous version of Shaunie is just a single mother trying to juggle five outrageous kids: Myles, Shareef, Mimi, Shaqir and Me'Arah.  Like many other moms, Shaunie's parenting duties range from monitoring her daughters' social media and questionable fashion choices to curbing her sons' appetite for freedom and sibling rivalry.

    Shaunie's vibrant, take charge and bubbly personality has been the backbone of her success and the cornerstone of her family. This makes her the girl that everyone wants to hang with on set and the coolest mom at the PTA meetings. And although it's great to have fame, fortune and success, nothing matters more than motherhood to Shaunie O'Neal.

  • MylesCast Member

    Myles is Shaunie’s oldest child. As a 19-year-old freshman in college, but still currently living at home, he’s extremely opinionated and loves to stir the pot.

  • ShareefCast Member

    Shareef is the second oldest child. Towering at 6’9”at only 16-years-old, this gentle giant is following in his father’s footsteps towards NBA stardom.

  • MimiCast Member

    Mimi is the middle child and oldest girl. At 14-years-old, she is truly a girlie girl and like all other teenagers no one can pry this phone away from Shaunie’s selfie queen.

  • ShaqirCast Member

    Shaqir is Shaunie’s youngest son. At 13-years-old he is the family’s wild child and comedian. Guaranteed to keep the family on their toes, this pre-teen is the life of every party.

  • Me'ArahCast Member

    Me’Arah is the youngest child. At 10-years-old she’s still considered the baby of the family. Although very quiet, she’s always listening and her opinion is written right on her face.

  • KeyonnaCast Member

    One of Shaunie’s two nannies. She’s been a close friend of the family for years which causes her relationship with the kids to sometimes be more like a peer than mentor.

  • RobertCast Member

    Shaunie’s other nanny and Keyonna’s uncle. He’s always there to lend a helping hand especially when it comes to hair, makeup and dress up for the girls.