• Yandy and MendeeceesCast Member
    Yandy and Mendeecees

    It's been four years since Yandy and Mendeecees have had to manage the day to day of a relationship -- kids, work, home life -- but now that he's back, they both realize they'll need to readjust to make their differences work.

  • Rasheeda and KirkCast Member
    Rasheeda and Kirk

    Rasheeda and Kirk have long been the "relationship goals" couple that other couples aspire to. Unfortunately, the sobering truth is revealed, and they are quickly knocked off their pedestal, as their own issues -- like lack of sexual intimacy and unresolved tension over past betrayals -- come to light.

  • Michael and RadaCast Member
    Michael and Rada

    Michael and Rada have had an open relationship for almost two years, and in that time have enjoyed welcoming women into their bed. But as time changes, so have their feelings. Rada is deeply in love and would rather Michael be done with the side pieces so he can focus on her. He claims he wants to marry her, but he's unsure about giving up other women.

  • Deelishis and RaymondCast Member
    Deelishis and Raymond

    Deelishis and Raymond fell hard and fast for each other and quickly got married. These unlikely newlyweds are madly in love, but they're realizing that managing Raymond's PTSD from being wrongly incarcerated, and Deelishis's struggle to be recognized

  • Ray J and PrincessCast Member
    Ray J and Princess

    Ray J and Princess are in the early stages of divorce and are hanging on by a thread. Princess wants her man to come home and stop leaving her for days at a time, while Ray J wants respect and acknowledgment for his hard work. There doesn't seem to be a compromise in the immediate future, and it's placing their relationship in dire straits.