Scott Disick’s Comment About Kourtney Kardashian’s Exposed Nipple Is Totally Justified

Some may think it's douchey. I beg to differ.

Kourtney Kardashian is Instagram’s most exquisite thirst trap and so be it if her ex acknowledges that. In fact, I’d be ticked off if he didn’t.

Kourt wished us a goodnight last night with a kiss and a side of nipple. This single MILF getting her life gives us our own. Check it out:
After three kids, a messy breakup and dealing with sloppy ex, does she not look absolutely bomb? I’m straight and I would do her.

Leave it to her ex Scott to come in with some douchebagery in an attempt at making us laugh. Only this time, I don’t think he was being the douchebag everyone always wants to make him out to be. Here’s the comment he left on the pic:


OK, it may seem a little immature, but I think it’s sweet. He’s cheering his ex on, admiring her and their kids and encouraging her to work it. And even if this is essentially saying: “Hell yeah, I used to bang her,” he should be saying that! She’s hot! Plus, this isn’t Fetty Wap and his umpteen chicks we’re dealing with. These two have a long history, which means Scott’s comments aren’t disrespectful or insulting–they’re flattering.

It’s also refreshing to see someone publicly applaud their ex, especially after all we’ve watched these two go through. Not to mention: “perfect angels.” Sigh.

Only now, my question is: would Scott be so cheery if Kourt posted such fire pics with a new bae?

Pizza is bae. And yes, I still say bae.