Orange Is the New Black Gets the Emmys Shaft + More Celebrity Sorcery This Week

Plus, Katy Perry works her magic.

Has this week felt weird to you? Have you stepped in gum more than usual? Did you trip walking into your office yesterday–even though you wore flats? Don’t worry, we feel the weirdness, too. But it has nothing to do with you. There is no bad karma in the air. The reason is simple: celebrity witchcraft.

Something is brewing over in Hollywood, and it’s chock-full of dark magic. The spells A-listers are casting have thrown off everyone’s energy, hence your current gum-in-shoe problem. These are the witchiest pop culture moments of the week. Once you read them, every s–ty thing that happened to you on Monday will make sense. The answer is always–without fail–witches.

  • Orange Is the New Black gets no love from the Emmys this year.


    Clearly, Ryan Murphy put a hex on the Netflix show.

  • Britney Spears finally releases “Make Me…”


    The slow-burning electro-thumper features G-Eazy and is pop’s most orgasmic summer offering. The song was plagued by false starts and rumors, but the powers above (Veronica the witch?) finally brought it to the masses. Let the seances (read: orgies) begin.

  • Katy Perry becomes the Supreme.


    A single GIF made her the clear winner in the Calvin Harris/Taylor Swift Twitter feud that erupted this week. Plus, she capped things off by releasing her new song “Rise”…on the same day as Spears’ “Make Me…” If that doesn’t scream, “I’ve been planning this spell for years,” then what does?

  • Grown-ass people are running around the world literally trying to catch Pokémon.

    Is something in retrograde or nah?

  • Lil’ Kim’s daughter Royal Reign cast a spell on all of Hip Hop Honors.

    Embedded from

    Seriously, it was cuteness overload, and we all were enchanted.

  • Annnnnd Kylie Jenner made her hair disappear.