Presenting “The Clapback Awards” For the Pettiest, Shadiest, and Most Clever Comebacks of 2016

Be safe though.

You don’t need to fly to Miami to find some shade, honey, when every social media app is filled with it. Twitter and Instagram (Shoutout to The Shaderoom and Baller Alert) are hands down the greatest apps ever, (seriously, how are they free) because they’re literally hubs of celebs feuding with each other and more often than not their “fans”- more like haters. The time of taking it in silence is over as we seen this year people such as T.I, Skai Jackson, and Chrissy Tiegen are not here for it. Whether they’re playing out a beef with another celebrity or tired of that one user always coming out of their face, these celebs made sure everyone knows their @ button works.

We know, these celebs been checking folks for years, but trust and believe it’s levels to this. Check out our awards for the best clapbacks of 2016!

There’s just certain people you can’t play with because they WILL come for you. Remember folks, internet receipts don’t delete!

Watch Black Ink Crew’s Sky fill us in on what she plans on getting Dutchess, Walt, Donna, Ceaser and herself for Christmas.

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