Presenting “The Clapback Awards” For the Pettiest, Shadiest, and Most Clever Comebacks of 2016

Be safe though.

You don’t need to fly to Miami to find some shade, honey, when every social media app is filled with it. Twitter and Instagram (Shoutout to The Shaderoom and Baller Alert) are hands down the greatest apps ever, (seriously, how are they free) because they’re literally hubs of celebs feuding with each other and more often than not their “fans”- more like haters. The time of taking it in silence is over as we seen this year people such as T.I, Skai Jackson, and Chrissy Tiegen are not here for it. Whether they’re playing out a beef with another celebrity or tired of that one user always coming out of their face, these celebs made sure everyone knows their @ button works.

We know, these celebs been checking folks for years, but trust and believe it’s levels to this. Check out our awards for the best clapbacks of 2016!

  • Most Silent But Lethal Clapback: Beyoncé and Jay Z.

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    Well-deserved for this power couple for not responding to Kanye, but instead, rising above the pettiness. Silence is golden and duck tape is silver. Sometimes no response is the best response. Clearly, since it drove him to have a second rant. –By Soraya Joseph

  • Most Classy Clapback: Chrissy Teigen

    When it comes to tweeting clap backs, leave it to Chrissy to hit you with the one-hitter Twitter. The model, mommy and wife to singer John Legend was Queen Shade in all things politics, pop culture, and parenting. A perfect example is when a fellow mother told Chrissy to be mindful of swearing on TV when kids watch her show. Chrissy had the perfect response. By Soraya Joseph

  • Best Couple Clapback: Chrissy Tiegen + John Legend

    Double Diss Twins! Chrissy and John Legend are the real relationship goals of clapback! A perfect example is when the couple took to Twitter to tag team against Piers Morgan. Tag team off the roof! By Soraya Joseph

  • The Clapback Class of 2016: The BeyHive

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    The BeyHive definitely won for trolling any and all suspecting “Becky’s with the Good Hair.” – By Soraya Joseph

  • Most Woke Female Clapback: Solange

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    A round of applause- or rather, a round of claps – are in order for singer Solange! The songstress definitely earned the most woke female clapback of the year with her album, A Seat at the Table, when she revealed she was inspired by the hate of two white men. Yep! Solange revealed that after some disturbing comments were made about her during an interview, she used the hate to motivate her to write one of her most woke albums yet. Now make it clap! By Soraya Joseph

  • Best Clap Back with an Emmy in Your Hand: RuPaul

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    After drag queen Phi Phi O’Hara publicly criticized RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars production and RuPaul himself, the veteran diva clapped back the only way a diva can, with an Emmy in his hand. Ru kicked off the All Stars reunion, saying, “If any of you are questioning my qualifications to host tonight’s reunion, I have one thing to say, ‘Talk to her.’ (flashes Emmy).” The Emmy winner then went on to say that if any of the contestants (including notably absent Phi Phi) wanted to blame the “edit” for their behavior on the show, he’d call bulls—t on that. Bloop. By: Damian Bellino

  • Clapback Rookie of The Year: Skai Jackson

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    This just goes to show you should never underestimate the underdog! The truth is, someone was going to put Azealia Banks in her place sooner or later. But the irony in her getting dragged by someone who could literally be her little sister makes us chuckle with satisfaction every time we think about just how bad Miss Skai roasted A. Banks. Karma never fails! By Jasmine Grant

  • Most Likely to Clapback With Receipts: Kim Kardashian

    In 2016 Kim Kardashian had to pull some receipts on several big name stars, because she’s clearly not the one for long drawn out celebrity beef. Mrs. Kardashian-West put an end to the messy back and forth over the infamous “Famous” lyrics and she had to gather Bette Midler for being a petty fake friend. By Rondell Conway

  • Most Likely to Fail With a Clapback: Donald Trump

    Bless his cold, callous heart. Throughout 2016 the President-elect spent so much time making a fool of himself on Twitter he pretty much locked down this honor in early June. You can choose from a host of moments when he clapped back with factually inaccurate, offensive, and stupid tweets. His efforts to be a clapback king failed bigly. By Rondell Conway

There’s just certain people you can’t play with because they WILL come for you. Remember folks, internet receipts don’t delete!

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