ARE YOU READY FOR A GIF WALL? (Sung To The Tune Of “Are You Ready For Some Football?”)

It’s Friday!!!!!!!!!!!! ¬†Throw all your GIFs up in the air and let them settle around you like a comfortable nest of moving images. Not sure what we mean? Then click below and find out.

Confused? Here’s a key:

1. Oh nooooooooooooo! 30 Rock had it’s series finale this week, and all we’re left with is a bunch of Liz Lemon reaction GIFs. That’ll do.
2. As one television show departs, another comes back…AS A MOVIE? Entourage gets greenlit for a longer version of Entourage.
3. No context here, just an amazing GIF of Mama June from Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. [GIF via] 4. Alicia Keys became the Creative Director of Blackberry for some reason. [GIF via] 5. Adam Levine hosted Saturday Night Live WITH HIS SHIRT OFF. [GIF via] 6. *sung* ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL? Well, even if you’re not, there’s some eating to be done during this weekend’s Super Bowl. And Beyonc√© will be there.

7. What else happening this week???? You’ll have to watch to find out. Set your DVRs and we’ll see who is having the Best Week Ever.