Turned Twitter Fingers: the Top Ten Social Media Beefs Between Your Favorite VH1 Stars in 2015

"What's beef when you got fries?"

2015 was one helluva year and the drama was in no short supply. You see the on-camera action but often times ish gets a little more lit in the real world.

Check out the top ten “Insta-gators” that had y’all scrolling down your timeline LIKE,

  1. Even though Erica and Cyn were long done by the finale of Love & Hip Hop, the drama between the former lovers was not and they took to Twitter to air out the dirty laundry. Apparently someone was homeless and put on a front for the show. Messy? Yes, but which break ups aren’t?

    After Erica’s relationship with Bow Wow ended, she took to Twitter to say that she and Cyn would always be classic. Seems like the beef is dead. Question is, can the love be revived?

  2. Even though they’re on different sides of the country, Moniece Slaughter even have got into a little tiff with Love & Hip Hop newbie, MariahLynn. The beef started when Moniece threatened MariahLynn, and MariahLynn took to Instagram to shoot her down. Fizz’s baby mama clapped backed, of course, because she’s not here for the newbies. Again, a messy and unnecessary situation by hey, sometimes there is no love to give. Especially when a chick steals Rich Dollaz from you? SMH.

  3. Brandi and Draya’s friendship came to a halt when Draya made some off-camera (but on-camera) remarks about Brandi’s “cancer story line.” Brandi was not here for Draya’s I-don’t-know-what-you’re-talking-about attitude and decided to check her on the show. Draya took to Instagram to pen an apology letter to her former friend when the episode aired but Brandi took to ’gram to call her bluff, saying she was only apologizing for the viewers because the show had wrapped months before and she hadn’t heard a peep from Draya. At the end of the day, it all was probably for nada because Draya left the show and Brandi’s Basketball Wives’ fate?Hmmm

  4. Looks like Drake was the center of this problem. It all started when Teairra threw up Drake as her #MCM on Instagram. Hazel E and Nikki chimed in soon after because they knew it would grind Masika’s gears because their former cast mate was rumored to be messing with Drake pre-Fetty Wap.

    Masika didn’t care for it too much and now she’s pregnant, allegedly with Fetty’s baby.

  5. Around the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood season two reunion, Erica Mena took to twitter to insinuate that Amber Laura’s story line with Miles was made up. (You know Erica does not hold her tongue.) Amber threw a sub Tweet herself, claiming the former Love & Hip Hop star was just looking for attention. After going back and forth, nothing was accomplished or solved. Do they even know each other? The internet…Le sigh.

  6. Vivica Fox did a seemingly great job hosting the Mob Wives season five reunion. But not everyone thought so. Natalie Guercio clapped back at Viv on Twitter, claiming that she treated her and her bf London disrespectfully. A few of the other Mob ladies chimed in, to add their two cents into the social media spat but in the end there was no resolution. Twitter wars aren’t uncommon with either of these ladies, tbh. *cough*cough*

  7. It was no secret why these two were beefin’. (Obvi. over Soulja) It got real ugly on Instagram though when the ladies went in deep with the details of the other’s past sexual activities. When Nas dragged Nia’s daughter into it? TEW MUCH. The clapback posts have since been deleted but something tells us the beef between these once friends isn’t dead.

  8. When the Grammy nominations were announced, Omarion was not too happy that “Post To Be” wasn’t nominated calling it “one of the greatest R&B collaborations ever.” Well, you have to admit, “You gotta eat the booty like groceries” was one of the best lines of the year. Omarion will be back though with greater songs, and a Grammy nom.

2015 was great and 2016 will be even greater. Tune into the new seasons of Love & Hip Hop, Stevie J. & Joseline Go Hollywood, Mob Wives, and K.Michelle: My Life for new drama!

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