• Season 3, Ep 2

Willie Calls Zakk A Liar

When Zakk makes an allegation against Willie, Willie strikes back which causes Natalie to question everything.

07/06/2016 · 2:33

>> There's some things that were

brought to my attention.

Did you kiss Nadica?

>> Like we was in the water.

I mean she asked for a kiss.

But I didn't kiss her back.

>> You didn't kiss her?

>> From my understanding, no.

>> Wait. What does that mean?

>> I mean, I was tipsy last


But I don't remember kissing


Nothing happened.

>> I heard from a--from--

>> It wouldn't happen to be Zakk

or one of my rivals would it?

>> What is going on here?

Feeling so many things.

I'm hurt.

I'm confused.

Zakk could be just intimidated

by Willie, so he's gonna say

something that would make him

look good.

>> ♪

>> You good?

>> Yeah.

I--I don't know.

I'm struggling a little bit.

I just--Willie, I'm sorry.

I'm--just need to call you out.

You asked Zakk for a condom?

>> I mean, like, you got proof

of that?

>> I don't have to have proof.

My proof is coming out right


>> Don't lie to me.

>> He said that he told you that

I made out with her.

>> Yeah.

>> But I never told him [bleep].

>> Okay.

So who's lying?

>> It is--it's he say, she say.

>> NATALIE: So, why are you

getting so mad about it then?

>> I'm not getting mad about it.

But my thing is about I don't

for people to lie on me.

>> The truth is going to come

out either way.

>> And it will come out.

>> Right.

SO you're calling me a liar?

>> I'm calling you a liar.

You gonna believe him over me?

>> I really, really want to

believe that Zakk's genuine.

But I've had boyfriends who lied

our entire relationship.

>> A man is gonna be a [bleep].

A man is gonna tell you what

[bleep] they want you to hear.

>> A man doesn't call other men,

who are telling the truth,


Doesn't matter what Willie says

to me right now.

I'm gonna continue being honest

and as--if he wants to keep

firing stuff at me, I'm gonna

fire back at him.

>> Why you trying to make your

[bleep] self look good by coming

her and like, "Oh, Will, did

this. Willie did this."

>> You're gonna look like dick.

You're gonna look like

a [bleep] ass.

>> Don't worry about

what [bleep] I'm doing.

Worry about yourself.

I'm not gonna let you punk me


So if you wanna go at it, then

we can do that.

[bleep] what he said.

I'm not gonna [bleep].

>> Stop it!

For all I care, like, you all

can go home at this point.


I'm upset with Zakk and

Willie, because I don't know who

to trust.

I think one of them is telling

the truth.

I just don't know which one.