• Season 3, Ep 2 · Bonus

Dating Naked Season 3 Episode 2: Naked Bloopers

From Tim's commentary outtakes to the wild antics back at the house, check out some hilarious shenanigans from Dating Naked Season 3 Episode 2!

07/06/2016 · 3:11

>> ♪

♪ When I met you

♪ I saw everything

♪ I know you now ♪

>> ♪ I saw everything

♪ About you

♪ Hey, hey, hey ♪

>> Oh, my God.

>> Holy [bleep].

>> [laughing]

>> Are you okay?

>> Of course I'm okay.

But that...Jesus.

>> Quiet on the set.

Roll sound, roll camera.

>> So, what did your parents

say when you told them you're

coming on this show?

>> Um, I said I'm going on


>> Okay.

Damn, this is the most clothes

I've had on a date in a long


>> BOTH: [laughing]

>> I kinda feel weird.

Like everybody wrapped up

in [bleep] towels and [bleep].

>> It's not a problem.

>> I'm like butt...I'm like

butt ass...

>> Only one, I'll take it.

>> ALL: [laughing]

>> Only one. Only one.

What are you doing?

>> Yes, he's opening the wine.

>> I've never seen anyone open

a bottle of wine like that.

>> I know. Right?

>> But, see, there's definitely

a cork in there.

>> Did you just screw it in?

>> Oh, I thought it was

a screw top.

>> Oh...I'm getting...

These men are making me old.

I wanna die.

Then you're gonna put your

feet up here.

>> My feet up there?

>> Yeah.

>> I'm not flexible like that.

I'ma watch you do that.

>> BOTH: [laughing]

>> How about I sit here and you

just give me a lap dance?

How about that?

>> You've gotta keep your mind

on the wiener, all right?

You have to keep your mind

on the wiener.

After one daking nade...

uh, after one--

>> WOMAN: One more time.

>> I know.

After one time, dating naked,

a chick--no?

You know what?

We're going on a date.

We're totally naked.

What better gift to bring her,

except...oh, I can't take it

off, right?

I'm from Las Vegas.

All right, I'll start over.

It's very Mr. Nice Guy of me

to bring a gift on a date,

so, I brought her some sandals

since we are dating naked

and I figure it's the perfect

gift for being--

>> WOMAN: We'll try that again.

>> Oh, sorry, sorry.

>> MAN: Sit quietly.

>> Say what?

>> MAN: Could you just be quiet?

>> All right, cool, cool, yeah.

Oh! I'm just kidding.

Any coconuts up there? No.

>> MAN: Shhh.

>> Oh? Quiet.

>> I still can't get over this.

>> I cannot get over that you're

from [bleep] Milwaukee.

Oh, my God.


>> I'm--

>> What? I'm standing here.

>> I don't even know this guy.

>> I...I'm just literally just

standing here, I swear to God.

>> ♪ Da da da da

It's stuck 'cause I'm sweaty.

>> There's battleships

and there's paint chips.

But there's no friends

like friendships.

>> Woo!

>> [glasses clinking]

>> That sounded a little lame

but I--

>> ALL: [laughing]

>> Yeah.

>> But, yeah, salut!

>> ♪ Natalie

♪ Thank you for pickin' me

♪ Mm mm mm

♪ I'm here for you

♪ Let me prove it to you ♪


♪ Dear dear Natalie ♪

>> That was so beautiful.

>> You liked it?

>> Yeah, like my heart melted

and it wasn't even for me.

>> I wrote this today.

It's literally like I've never

written a song before--

a really corny, sappy song,

that's super [bleep] about her.

>> However, this song is

definitely cheesy.

>> ♪ Dear Natalie

♪ I really hope

♪ You get with me

♪ The words you say and...

♪ Dear Natalie ♪

>> I love it.

>> You wrote that today, bro?

>> Yes.

>> Zakk, you wrote that today?

>> Yeah. That's awesome.

That is awesome.

>> Okay.

It was pretty lame, but...

It's awful, man.

>> ALL: [laughing]

[unintelligible chatter]

>> ♪ [bleep] you ♪

>> ALL: [laughing]

>> ZAKK: No, seriously, I wrote

it today.