• Season 3, Ep 2

David Keeps Nicole

David decides to choose Nicole over Vanessa due to their stronger connection.

07/06/2016 ยท 1:33

>> All right, guys.

This week Natalie and David had

the opportunity to get to know

each one of you up close and


David, since Nadica decided to

leave on her own, you have two

ladies to choose from.

But that doesn't make your

decision any easier.

Who would you like to remain on

the island with you as your


>> Yeah, right now I'm stuck

between two extremely

attractive, extremely different

girls, you know?

And figuring out exactly what's

the best decision is something

I want to do a much better job

of this time than I did the last


Vanessa, I got to watch you

overcome some fears, you're a

lot of fun.

Just feel like our connection

started to wane.

Nicole, I feel like we had a

great first date.

I feel like we had an instant


My one concern would be that you

do have two children and though

I don't hold that against you,

it's something I do have to keep

on my mind.

This was a difficult decision,

but I felt like I had a stronger

connection with one of you

all, and I would like to


Nicole, if you

would be my keeper.

>> Yeah. I will.

>> Congratulations, Nicole.

I hope that you're used to

getting naked, because you have

another week on the island.

>> I'm just really excited he

chose me.

We have so much in common.

I just want to explore that more

and, you know, get to know him a

little bit deeper than I do

right now.

>> I had a great time, and I

hope that you find what you're

looking for.