• Season 3, Ep 3

David Chooses Sarah As His Keeper

Although he had a strong connection with Nicole, David decides to continue exploring his feelings for Sarah.

07/13/2016 ยท 1:38

>> Okay, David.

Which of these three beautiful

ladies did you feel the least

connection with?

>> Georgina, I would love to

have had a chance to get to know

you further, but I think that

our connection was the least

among the three of you all.

But I think you're great,


I really do.

>> How dare you! No.


Erm, I thought I showed a lot.

I thought I was too much, but I

guess I needed to give you more.



Like, not only did I lose, but I

was the worst one.

Like really, really, David?

I [bleep] a plunger on my


I think that was game over,

wasn't it?

>> David, who will you ask to

join you as your keeper this


>> Sarah, I think you're great.

You've shown a high degree of

intuition and our connection is


Nicole, you know, we have had an

instant connection.

You know, you are a little

territorial which is concerning

just in this setting because

this is a long process.

So with everything in mind...

Sarah, I am going to ask

if you would be my keeper this


>> I would love to be your


I want to stay here and get to

know you more, and I'm looking

forward to exploring more with


>> I'm glad we got to meet.

Erm...good luck with everything.

>> You too, Nicole.

>> I felt like he was worth

fighting for, so that's what I

was doing.

I know when we slept together

how much he enjoyed it.

So...he's gonna miss me within a

few minutes.

I guarantee that.