• Season 3, Ep 3

Natalie Makes A Connection With Sam

Natalie talks to Sam about his past relationships.

07/13/2016 ยท 1:33

>> Cheers to a great first date.

>> I like that.

So New York City, huh?

>> SAM: To New York City.

>> What's your favorite thing to

do in New York?

>> I try to go to Broadway on a

semi-regular basis.

>> Really?

>> I'm a huge musical theatre


That's part of the--the reason

I moved to New York.

>> So you're into acting and

singing and--

>> Just a lover of the arts in

general, you know.

>> That's awesome.

>> I haven't really dabbled


But what about you?

>> I can't sing for the life of


I would literally break your


>> Can't do some karaoke every

once in a while?

>> Oh, no. I love karaoke.

Do you like karaoke?

>> Absolutely.

>> Really?

>> SAM: Yeah, of course.

>> That's awesome.

>> I'm horrible.

So we'd probably shatter the

house together.

>> Well, two wrongs make a


>> Yeah.

>> Sam's cool.

He seems like he's very mature,

he's good looking, he's big into


There's just a lot that I like

about Sam right now.

So, what brings you here?

>> I came out of a very long

relationship, you know, last


We were together eight years.

>> Eight years?

>> Yeah.

>> Wow. That's a long time.

>> And, uh, you know, I'll throw

it out there, we were married

too, so this is a--this

is a divorce for me.

>> Oh, okay.

>> Yeah.

>> So are you, like, officially

divorced right now?

>> Uh-huh.

Yeah, last summer the divorce


You know, I have no regrets and

you grow as a person through

every relationship.

You know and, like, all are

good things.

And I think that I have to

say I've never been happier.

Especially now where I'm out in

the city.

>> You're finding yourself.

>> Yeah, absolutely.

>> Sam telling me that he's

divorced doesn't really affect


I'm not one to hold that against


I feel like we're both...kind of

in the same position, but

definitely not in the same


>> Yeah.

>> I don't know what Zakk is

going to think about Sam.

But he has a lot of competition

right now.