• Season 3, Ep 3

David Is Smitten With Sarah

While getting to know Sarah, David is intrigued by Sarah's introspective thoughts.

07/13/2016 ยท 1:50

>> You couldn't have wanted to

have your date wear heels and

stockings on the first date.

>> No, but good company is all

that matters.

>> Good point.

So how long have you been an


>> Two and a half years now.

>> Okay.

>> And I love doing brows.

>> You love brows?

>> Yeah.

>> Do you do your own?

>> Yes. I do.

>> You're good at it.

>> So...thank you.

>> I keep looking like, ooh!

>> Eyes are the windows to the

soul, but brows are the fabulous


>> What's another esthetician


This is pretty good.

>> Erm, it won't hurt that bad.

>> BOTH: [laughing]

>> Sarah is funny.

She's very easy.

We joke with each other, we

laugh, erm, there's not too many

awkward moments.

She's super cute.

What d'you see?

You look like something caught

your attention.

>> Oh, I'm one of those that is

just, kind of like, mesmerized

by the water.

Like, I can just listen to it--

>> Oh really?

>> Yeah.

You know, being in the moment.

Like, I say, like, be where your

feet are.

Like, you should be 100% where

your feet are.

>> Hmm.

What's it mean to you?

>> Don't worry about next week,

don't worry about whatever bills

you need to pay.

Be here, listening to the waves.

>> Mmhm.

>> You know, and--and take it


The sweetness of doing nothing.

>> That was a good answer.

If I could give stars for

answers, that was like a five

star answer right there.

>> Cha-ching.

>> Cha-ching for sure.

It seems like you're pretty,

like, introspective.

Seems that way.

>> Yeah.

>> So what did you hope to do

while you were here...

in this beautiful, beautiful


>> I'm here to date you.

So I don't really care what else

is going on.

>> Whoa.

You know I'm really glad you

came around the corner, and I'm

looking forward to getting to

know you some more, Sarah, for


>> I'm looking forward to it


>> Sarah's really cool.

But I also so enjoy Nicole's


It's just--it's a tough spot.

So what's your type in general?

Do you have like an initial like

"I hope this is what he looks


>> I mean, tall, dark and


You, kind of, got that little

check down.

>> These answers, Sarah...oh,

man. I tell you.