• Season 3, Ep 3

Natalie Chooses Sam As Her Keeper

Because Zakk was becoming too overbearing, Natalie decides to keep Sam.

07/13/2016 · 1:43

>> So, uh...

I've decided to keep...


>> I'm really thrilled.

I think it's going to be fun and

I'm--thank you for giving me

the chance to be fun and show

you that side of me.

>> Natalie, you see what you've

done for me in such a small

amount of time, and I'll always

be able to thank you for the

feeling of falling in love with

somebody, after so long, back in

my heart.

I'm head over heels for Natalie.

I haven't met a girl that I've

felt this strongly for...ever.


I here--I came here looking for

love, and I found it, and I got

my heart broken.

>> Congratulations,

Sarah and Sam.

Tonight you'll be able to spend

some quality time with Natalie

and David in the house.

Bye, guys.

>> As much as I would have loved

for it to be Zakk, it just--it


I know if I would have kept him,

he would have just been hurt




I don't want to

have any regrets.

>> ♪