• Season 3, Ep 4

Sam Reveals That He Is A Vampire

Out of the blue, Sam reveals that he is a vampire which causes Natalie and the other naked daters to question everything.

07/20/2016 ยท 2:12

>> [thunder claps]

>> Yeah, I love the rain.

>> Paradise.

>> The rain is really nice when

you know you can be out in it.

Sunlight, I--if I had a nice

blackout shade--I like to

control when the sun is in my


>> How long has, like, your

longest relationship been?

>> Uh, about three years.

>> Three years.

>> Yeah.

>> That's nice.

>> Are you being serious?

>> Yeah.

>> Sam, you're a vampire?

>> Yeah.

>> Like, hold on. Time out.

Is this a joke or is this for


>> It's a real thing.

>> Up until about 17 minutes

before bedtime, Ona was the

weirdest person I'd met on this


And then I discovered there was

a vampire in the house.

>> I was converted fairly


>> Uh...vampire?

>> Is this for real?

What the hell is going on?

>> So, like--so, for you, how

does one become a vampire?

>> You get bitten by another


>> You got bit by a--hold on,

where was the vampire?

>> It was a fourth generation

Richmonder, 450 years old.

I think the fact I'm a vampire

is not completely obvious at


I know that, you know, a lot of

people are shocked, surprised.

But, raising vampire awareness

is a worthy cause.

We get persecuted a lot as

sinister denizens of the night.

And not only vampires, but bats.

Bats are really in trouble.

>> So you got bit by a

400-year-old vampire that looked

your age.

>> Mmhm.

>> Where?

>> Well on the neck, of course.

>> Are you [bleep] joking?

He said a man bit him.

Like, how does that happen?

You let a man chew on your neck.


>> You think about it actually,

dating mortals really doesn't

make any sense.

>> I really need to get the

[bleep] of the island now.

>> I gotta have another drink.

>> Sam's like those eyes that

just gaze into the future, I

feel like.

And the hair that doesn't move

and the tall body and the

mysterious, like, quietness.

A vampire...like, it's a really

big red flag.

>> [growls]

>> Oh my God.