Jason Lee Claps Back: The Hollywood Insider Regrets Throwing Drinks But Explains That He Still Thinks Hazel's A Fraud

"I didn't come into this show hating Hazel, but I came into the show not respecting Hazel and what she represents."

#JasonLee was a trending topic last night after the Hollywood blogger not only helped start some rumor's about Lil Fizz's...shortcomings... but he got into it with Hazel=E and ended up throwing a drink in her face. We spoke to Lee today to get his side of the story and find out what his beef really is with Hazel ("I didn't come into this show hating Hazel, but I came into the show not respecting Hazel," he tells us.) and whether Kamiah is a genuine friend (she is). And while he does regret throwing that drink, he says there's a whole lot more to the story than what you saw.

VH1: So first let me ask you, are you and Kamiah friends in real life?

Jason Lee: Yes, we're tight in real life. Kamiah used to be my ex's roommate, so I've known her for almost two years now.

Were you guys brought on the show together because of your friendship, or was it a total coincidence?

It was a coincidence.

Did you come into the show thinking you'd start something or have tension with Fizz or Hazel?

I never had an issue with Fizz, and I don't have an issue with Fizz, and typically I get along with almost everybody. I think because of my relationship with Kamiah and my wanting to understand their relationship it turned into some drama for the show, but in real life, I mean, I was just at an event with him a couple weeks ago and we got along just fine. I don't have any issue with him. I've been able to get to know him outside the show and he's a great guy and a good father.

And your relationship with Hazel?

I didn't come into this show hating Hazel, but I came into the show not respecting Hazel and what she represents. I knew at some point we were going to be in a scene together.

So what was it that made you not respect her?

Hollywood is a small community. I've worked with and been friends with a lot of people that she's been around and she's burned a lot of my friends. And if I know that you've done bad to other people, and you've been involved in situations that are fraudulent, I know not to associate with you. I didn't want to be affiliated with her or be around her, and it ended up that my first scene happened to be with her.

Do you have any examples of what you mean when you say she burned your friends?

Yeah, but some of them are celebrities and I'm not going to get into their personal business. She knows what she's done. Unfortunately we didn't get more time to resolve all of that, but those receipts aren't hard to find in Hollywood.

There's been a lot of backlash to the drink throwing, do you wish you handled that differently?

Absolutely not, I would have absolutely handled that differently. I have five sisters that I love dearly and it's something that I regret, not because of the backlash --- the backlash is all people that are peeking into our lives and they're gonna love me or hate me regardless, that's not what motivates the regret. For me, I allowed the situation to go too far. There was more to our conversation that led up to that moment, and eventually we will talk about it, and eventually I will address it, but I want to give Hazel the opportunity to face me and face America and [own up to] what she did that led up to that. There's context missing from what you saw. Not to say that makes it okay, what I did, it is an unfortunate thing and a moment that I regret.

So there was one thing that triggered you and set you off?

Absolutely. And to be honest with you, had it been a man sitting across the table, based on what happened, there would have been a fight. But because it was a woman, I had to get out of there. I literally didn't know what to do in that situation. Because I don't want to go into all the details of what the audience didn't see, and because I want to give Hazel the chance to own her part of what really happened, I don't want to reveal all of that.

You questioned Hazel's credibility and her professional history, which prompted some people to question your own. Even Bossip tweeted that you never worked there. What do you have to say about that?

I called the Editor-in-Chief of Bossip when I saw that tweet. There must have been a lapse in her employment, I don't know if she was let go or had some other hobbies while I was contributing, but I found that very interesting. But you know, I'm not gonna give Bossip any more shine, the fact that anyone was talking about them should have been a thank you instead of a bulls---t tweet.

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