First Dibs: What Does Danny DeVito Think Of David Beckham's Butt?

Did Kate Middleton beat Prince William on the high seas? Does Aaron Taylor-Johnson think you have a "sh*t marriage?" And check out an exclusive clip from the new film, Neighbors.

  • We're not the only fans of David Beckham's butt! Danny DeVito joked on the red carpet this week that Beckham has a "great ass" and that he should keep his pants off. [US Magazine]

  • Kate Middleton beat husband Prince William in a yacht race in New Zealand today. Middleton grew up sailing and teased him before the race by saying, "Take care!" [People]

  • In a recent interview, 23-year-old Godzilla and Avengers: Age Of Ultron star Aaron Taylor-Johnson opened up about his unconventional marriage to 46-year-old Sam Taylor-Johnson. He says that "she's such a young, beautiful soul" and that if people think marriages are hard work, then, "you must be in a shit marriage." [Celebitchy]

  • The MTV Movie Awards are only a few days away and we've got yet another sneak peek at a new film. Check out Seth Rogen squaring off against Lisa Kudrow in this clip from the upcoming film, Neighbors. [MTV News]
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