Tommie's Drinking Gets Called Out, Jasmine Ambushes Rasheeda, and Someone's Having A Baby In The Mid-Season Supertrailer

The second half of this season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is about to bring on the drama.

S--t is about to get real, y'all!

This season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is about to be all the way turnt judging by this mid-season supertrailer.

From showing up three hours late for a rehearsal with Spice to disrespecting the ladies she calls friends, Tommie Lee is sat down to discuss her issues with alcohol. Something tells us that an intervention may be also be necessary for Tommie.

Rasheeda has successfully avoided any communication with Kirk's baby mama, Jasmine, but now Jasmine will take it upon herself to step to Rasheeda. Clearly, Rasheeda is not here for any conversations, simply accusing Jasmine of being a "f---ed up individual."

Seems like Karlie isn't the one Tokyo Vanity should've been concerned about when it comes to her man, Tabius. Staying true to her Queen of Mess title, Karlie tells Tokyo that her beloved Tabias showed up to a double date with Jamaica's own, Spice. The two ladies meet up and when Spice tells Tokyo, "Spit it out, are you together with him, yes or no? Let's get it over with," Tokyo swings that purse at Spice with the force of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, chile. Rasheeda organizes a group trip to a dude ranch in an attempt to smooth things over, but as you can imagine, all hell breaks loose once they're there.

Bleu DaVinci and Keely go at it over their son. Sierra learns that Shooter isn't the only cheater when Amber Priddy returns to inform her that she has been sexin' BK Brasco every time they link up. Erica Mena and Estelita cannot keep up this friendship and Momma Dee is having a hard time keeping Bambi and Scrappy's pregnancy news on the low.

This season is "spice, paprika" and all that! See how it all unfolds, each and every Monday at 8/7c on VH1!