Questions That Need Answers: Did Young Dro Imply That He's The Father Of Joseline's Baby?

Because "no comment" is basically a comment.

Ever since Joseline Hernandez has announced her pregnancy, rumors about the baby's father have been FLYING. Obviously, only time will tell, but rapper Young Dro is doing his part to fuel speculation that the baby is his. In a recent interview, Dro was asked if he's the father of Joseline's unborn child. His response? "No comment." The bigger question may be, where did Young Dro come from? Welp! Get some water, have a seat 'cause lawd this tew much.

First, Joseline let Stevie know that she doesn't need him to manage her anymore. Not only does she not love him anymore, but she's good on her own. So good that she announced a collab with Dro during the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta finale at about 4:05:

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Although we heard it during the finale, the two have been working together for a minute now. Seriously, peep the date posted by Celebrity Penthouse:

Around that same time (maybe even the say day) Joseline and Young Dro went to see ya boy Gucci Mane get released from prison. #Burrr:

Must've been a busy day. Dro is then seen doubling as a body guard as Joseline takes out some money in this video captured by The Wetter The Better News:

Okay. Let's fast forward to when Joseline did that interview with Durtty Boyz radio show. Remember, the time she said Steebie hasn't had a hit in years? In case you forgot here's the clip courtesy of the good people from The Shade Room:

Then remember shortly after that, Stevie clap backed at Joseline's harsh statements and took a shot at Dro's "bum" record.

Are you following? Great. This brings us to an interview Dro did with Streets 94.5 where he speaks on Stevie J and Joseline's drama. He kept it civil when it came to Stevie. As far as Joseline he said "she's a great girl. We got nice music together and I look forward to having an album with her.":

Which is all well and good as we anticipate this album. But did you hear when he said "NO COMMENT"? Real sus, Dro, real sus. And then to post this very convenient throwback:

Guess we'll have to wait for the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reunion on Monday 8/7c to see what's really going on. Nonetheless, like we said: