The Most Hilarious 'South Park' Musician Parodies That Still Make Us Laugh Forever

The folks at South Park do not mess around. When they parody someone, they go all out. And with famous musicians, there's just so much fodder. You remember the Kanye West "gay fish" saga (which we're pretty sure Kanye is still moody about). Show writers Trey Parker and Matt Stone can literally never run out of musicians to parody because, like Yeezy, musicians will always do things that warrant parodying. Hell, even if they don't, South Park will parody them anyway. The latest musician to find themselves on the SP chopping block is VH1 You Oughta Know superstar Lorde, who unlike Kayne, has been a very good sport about it all.

But Kayne and Lorde aren't the only ones to get the cartoon treatment. Jennifer Lopez has been a hand puppet, Bono has been a giant turd, Barbara Streisand has been a dinosaur, Celine Dion was married to Terence (of Terence and Philip fame) and Stevie Nicks joined Fleetwood Mac as a goat. When you put it like that, Lorde got off pretty easy. Unfortunately, we couldn't fit all the wonderful musician cameos on SP into this list (there's SO many!), so instead we've made a list of the best musician parodies from the shows' 18 seasons.


"The Cissy", Season 18, Episode 3

Last week Lorde appeared on South Park. Sort of. In the South Park-verse, our favorite character, Randy Marsh, actually moonlights as Lorde. It's every bit as wonderful as it sounds. Nearly two weeks later, the Internet is still going wild for this parody, so if you haven't seen it yet, make that the next thing you do today.

Kanye West

"Fishsticks", Season 13, Episode 5 and "The Hobbit", Season 17, Episode 10

Kanye West is an easy target, mostly because he seemingly has no sense of humor about himself and gets super riled up every time South Park makes fun of him, which is now twice. Hopefully, they'll make fun of him again sometime, because it's too easy and too hilarious. In "Fishsticks" Kanye doesn't get a joke about being a gay fish (the fact that the real Kanye didn't get this joke about him not getting a joke just makes the episode funnier), and in "The Hobbit" he has to explain to everyone why Kim Kardashian isn't a hobbit. Both are marvelous comedy viewing.

 Jennifer Lopez

"Fat Butt and Pancake Head", Season 7, Episode 5

Culminating in one of the more disturbing South Park scenes ever, Jennifer Lopez' appearance as Cartman's hand puppet is still one of the funniest (if not deeply insulting and very creepy) things we've ever seen. It was around her Gigli phase, which was a highly parody-able era of her career.


"More Crap", Season 11, Episode 9

Second only to Kanye, Bono makes a pretty easy mark for South Park satire, being pretty happy with himself and his silly rose colored glasses (literally) most of the time. In this incredible episode, guess who's the biggest turd of them all?


"Hell On Earth", Season 10, Episode 11

In one of our favorite ever South Park moments, the boys conjure The Notorious B.I.G.'s ghost in a Candy Man style ceremony where they say "Biggie Smalls" in front of the mirror three times. The results are both gruesome and hilarious.

Michael Jackson

"The Jeffersons", Season 8, Episode 6

OK so "Mr. Jefferson" isn't explicitly Michael Jackson, but he is totally Michael Jackson. Parodying not only his looks but his voice and creepy predilection for children, his child is even called "Blanket".

Barbara Striesand and Robert Smith

"Mecha-Streisand", Season 1, Ep 12

In this episode, Barbara Striesand is Mecha-Streisand, a giant, mechanical dinosaur thing terrorizing the town of South Park. The only person who can stop her? Robert Smith, apparently!

Britney Spears

"Britney's New Look", Season 12, Episode 12

Definitely one of the more uncomfortable episodes of South Park at the height of Britney's breakdown, the show took a moment to make a poignant comment about how the media and the public treat celebrities. Not an episode for the faint of heart, Britney shoots half her face off, but is forced to continue business as usual, being dragged around for public consumption despite her clearly ragged state.

R. Kelly

"Trapped In The Closet", Season 9, Episode 12

In this hilarious episode, Tom Cruise won't come out of Stan's closet — so they have R.Kelly narrate the story (and randomly pull out his gun). It's an incredibly hilarious parody of Kelly's all singing series Trapped In The Closet. Oh, John Travolta's in the closet too.

Stevie Nicks

"Osama Bin Laden Has Farty Pants", Season 5, Episode 9

Even though we're big Stevie Nicks fans, we can see why this is funny. In South Park a goat is mistaken for Stevie, and send to Afganistan to play for the troops with Fleetwood Mac.

Celine Dion

"Terence and Philip in 'Not Without My Anus'", Season 2, Episode 1

In a brilliant turn for Terence and Philip, Terrence is married to Celine Dion, and the pair visit her house to "look for treasure." It turns out that Terence and Celine's daughter has been kidnapped by Saddam Hussein, and a Taken-style rescue occurs.

Alanis Morissette

"Chef Aid", Season 2, Episode 14

Chef gets sued for his song "Stinky Bitches" — which is an Alanis Morissette classic, later covered by Marilyn Manson because obviously.

Enrique Iglesias

"The Entity", Season 5, Episode 11

While watching Enrique gyrate sexily on TV, Mr. Garrison invents the "IT" a… sexy mode of eco-transportation that's incredibly phallic in its function. This is an absolute much watch episode.

Elton John

"Chef Aid", Season 2, Episode 14

It wouldn't be a real parody show if it didn't include Elton John, who comes to South Park as an old friend of Chef's, and we find out Chef is responsible for his fame, because actually, Elton isn't very good at all.

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