Six Things You Definitely Didn't Know About Jessica Dime

Dimepiece and Blac Chyna sharing an apartment?!

Jessica Dime went from being the turn-up queen to the comic relief on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. The Memphis rapper and former stripper has never been shy to speak her mind but she hasn't always been open about her personal life. What do we know about Dimepiece's past, her love life, or her dreams and aspirations?

We got you covered with some tidbits about the pink-haired beauty that you definitely never knew.

Jessica Dime was roommates with Blac Chyna

Jessica told Vlad TV she used to be roommates with the model and soon-to-be Mrs. Rob Kardashian when they both were dancers at King of Diamonds in Miami. "Me and Blac Chyna used to live together. We used to be saving, every single day. Bands [of money] in our suitcases, like we gonna go on a ten-day grind and we gonna save all our money. We came from that." No word on whether or not she'll be a bridesmaid in the upcoming wedding.

Jessica Dime appeared in Nicki Minaj's "Beez In The Trap" video.

Before Dimepiece made her mark on Love & Hip Hop, she appeared in Minaj's "Beez In The Trap" video, sporting a more conservative brunette look. Jessica told VH1, "Actually when I worked with [Nicki] I had black hair but we did bond because I had a bang, sorta like the hair that she wears but I had a bang, girl, years ago before she even came out so."

Jessica Dime used to dance to her own music

Jessica has admitted that she invested most of the money she made from dancing on her career, as an aspiring rapper but she told DJ Smallz Eyes that she actually used to strip to her own music. "When I actually started putting [my music] out, I was recording for a long time and wasn't telling nobody, then when I finally put it out there, I did dance to it. They used to play my music all the time for me, when I got on stage, so that was a good thing."

Jessica Dime was signed to Flo Rida's label

Jessica signed a three-album deal with Flo Rida's IMG Strongarm in 2013, under the conditions that she would quit stripping, which she did take a hiatus from. After touring with Flo and singer Natalie La Rose, Jessica ended the working relationship because she felt the rapper was too focused on his own solo career. "I severed it because I felt like me and Flo are friends first, so I didn't wanna get mad and mess up our friendship."

Jessica Dime went to college for business administration

Jessica studied business administration in college and was working towards a minor in English. She has said she wanted to write a book which lead to her writing lyrics and that her mother is an English teacher. She went to the University of Memphis for a year before transferring to LeMoyne-Owen College. Jessica told Vlad TV, "I ended up, stop, quitting college and that's when I started dancing, doing all that. [I] still want to go back though, and finish."

Jessica Dime is not her government name

Baby Dimepiece wasn't born baby Dimepiece. Jessica Chatman is the government name for the Memphis rapper.