Cyn Santana Took The High Road When A Troll Made Fun Of Joe Budden's Past Drug Addiction

"We should applaud those that turned their life around."

Mommy-to-be Cyn Santana is fiercely protective of her boyfriend Joe Budden, and the reality star is no stranger to @'ing anyone that dares to be disrespectful to their relationship via social media. However, Cyn is in such a happy place that she decided to offer words of wisdom to a troll who randomly brought up Budden's history with drug abuse.

An Instagram follower by the name of "facts_vs_feelings" commented under one of Cyn's maternity pictures, writing "We still haven't forgot that your child [sic] father was a crackhead." Cyn's response was nothing but classy.

"Lol, no not crack babe. Angel dust* long time ago. And that's what I love most about him. His resilience. Where he is today and where he is going tomorrow. Truly admirable." She goes on to educate this follower about addiction and why it is no laughing matter. "Addiction isn't a struggle to throw in someone's face. We should applaud those that have turned their life around and keep supporting those that are trying to."

Joe has been no stranger to addiction and how its had a stronghold on his life. During season 2 of Love & Hip Hop, the rapper revealed during a conversation with his mom that he had a brief relapse after 14 years of sobriety. His drug use at the time was triggered by long stints of time on tour where there was lots of temptation and little family support.

While now clean and sober, Joe continues to discuss his past in hopes that it will inspire other artists to seek help.

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