JVOTI is Irking the Ish Out of Just Brittany When He Keeps Interrupting Her Session With "Nit-Picky" Critiques in the 'SIGNED' Sneak

"He's really like irking my nerves. Anybody who doesn't have as much experience as I do can't tell me how to record a song, what harmonies. No sweetheart."

JVOTI may have managed to stay around under the wing of Lenny S. but after he dominates Just Brittany's studio session, the other contestants think it's time for him to go.

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JVOTI is undoubtedly super talented and feels like he has something to prove in the Signed sneak peek. He shows the other contestants their new studio space where they have two-hours to create pure magic. In trying to impress the moguls, JVOTI turns up the pressure on Just Brittany in the booth, critiquing her inability to record the main melody over the harmony. His intentions may be good in aiding the artist but Nilly is not feeling the business version of JVOTI at all. After being interrupted for the gazillionth time, JVOTI begins to rub Brittany the wrong way. As a person JVOTI is cool, but Nilly doesn't like how this intern is playing like he's running the show. Jeff Chery agrees. He too doesn't need a filter between artist and engineer so they're thinking it's time to get JVOTI out of the paint altogether.

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