Everyone Feels Strongly About Kim Kardashian's Latest NSFW Instagram—and Not in a Good Way

She had "nothing to wear."

Kim Kardashian has done it again—and by "it," we mean "gotten naked for the 'gram."

Early this morning, the braid pioneer (this is heavily laden with sarcasm) took to Instagram to post a naked mirror selfie. Though she literally had zero clothes on in the picture, Kardashian decided to censor it by covering her, ahem, parts with black bars.

"When you're like I have nothing to wear LOL," she wrote in the caption field. You can view the NSFW picture here, via Kardashian's Instagram:

Kardashian does this quite often pulled a similar stunt back in August, when she posted a mirror selfie of her naked, pregnant body. But that time, she didn't censor anything. You can relive that ordeal here.

While Kanye and plenty of others are undoubtedly rejoicing at the idea of Kardashian posing nude on a public platform once again, many, many others are not happy about this. And they're extremely vocal about it.

Folks over on Twitter are calling Kardashian all sorts of names, and though Kardashian has heard this all before, it's telling that people are constantly outraged with pretty much anything she does. And yet, she does not GAF. Most of the upset seems to be around the idea that Kardashian, mother of two, is posing au naturel on social media, as well as the notion of Kardashian trying to "stay relevant" by stripping down. The trolls are out today, people. And whether it's Kardashian that's the troll in this scenario is still up in the air.

Take a look at what some Twitter enthusiasts are saying about Kardashian's latest antics.

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