9 Great Viral Internet Challenges Too Fun to Avoid

Watch people get in formation for the #MannequinChallenge and more.

By: Taylor Davis

Life is full of challenges. You win some and you lose some. There are even some you run from, tbh. In the Internet era, challenges are nothing but entertaining. The invention of the Internet changed the challenge game. Now people are challenging themselves for the sake of a video to post in the hopes that it goes viral. Millions of people participate in a variety of tasks, while millions more are amused by it all. You might get challenged to do something weird like give yourself inflated lips like Kylie Jenner. Some people will get soaked with a bucket of ice cold water for social awareness. Others will join the biggest dance challenge ever, because we all love to have a good time. Nothing brings people together like a challenge. Here are some of the most defining challenges to go viral in the past few years.

The #HuhChallenge

The #HuhChallenge highlights everyone's fear of being roasted by your friends for the entire Internet to see. Can you imagine being one of the kids in the original #HuhChallenge video, who's roast has been retweeted over 35,000 times?

The Running Man Challenge

A lot like 2012's "Harlem Shake" phenomenon, the running man challenge took a perfectly fine dance and butchered it. The running man challenge wasn't that bad and it was kinda funny to see so many people doing it, but a few times the participants were doing a little too much.

Hot Pepper Challenge

Apparently eating the world's hottest pepper on video is a desired activity for some. This video of two brave contestants takes a horrible yet hilarious plot twist at the end.


Always number one in our hearts, Chance the Rapper's participation in this summer's #SoGoneChallenge seemed to be everyone's favorite version of freestyle raps over Monica's 2003 hit, "So Gone."

Sausage Rap

What started out as a video of a young boy in a cafeteria making an ode to his favorite part of breakfast, among other references, quickly escalated to a viral trend that had kids thinking they had #BARS while screaming about sausage. Some particular videos chose a less sexual reference and sang about Jesus and their lacrosse teams, but this video is the most appropriate ode to the original version.

Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge

There was a brief moment in time pre-King Kylie's internet stopping lip-kits where Kylie Jenner's lips plumped up overnight with no explanation. So when left to it's own sleuthing devices, the internet took it upon itself to come up with it's own logic of how it went down and the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge was born. Doctors advised against it, teens did it anyway.

Cinnamon Challenge

The Cinnamon Challenge is the grandfather/grandmother of Internet challenges. Easily one of the earliest challenges, it was simple: take a tablespoon, fill it with cinnamon, watch the consumer gasp for air as every ounce of liquid dried in their body and they freaked out.

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

No examination of internet challenges would be complete without looking at the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Who knew that dumping literal buckets of ice on ones' head would raise awareness and millions of dollars for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, also know as Lou Gehrig's Disease?

Mannequin Challenge

Team work makes the dream work with this social media craze. Groups of high school and college students have come together to instantly hit random poses and freeze, you know, like mannequins. Rap stars Rae Sremmurd even joined in on the #mannequinchallenge fun.