Sak Ap Fete! Sky Channels Her Inner Zoe During a Trip to Miami's Little Haiti

C'est un belle baguy!

If you've never had Haitian food then you've never lived.

Sky discovers Little Haiti and the Haitian in her is super excited in this Black Ink Crew highlight. She pulls up to a a little hole in the wall restaurant wearing an 1804 Haitian baseball jersey and says "mwen grongou" which translates to "I'm hungry" in Creole. The restaurant has oxtail, fried pork (griot), plantains, and all cuisine Ayisien. Hyped to have discovered Little Haiti in Miami, Sky feels inspired to share this experience with her son Des. Since he's on spring break already, Sky will make sure he is "on the next to smoking" to the 305.

That jersey is definitely a must-have. Looking good, girl!

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