A1 Admits to Marcus That He's Lowkey Scared of Brooke Valentine in this Hilarious Check Yourself

It's just something about her....

Brooke plays zero games, so who wouldn't be?

A1 is type scared of Brooke Valentine and her celebrations. That girl has him shooketh. In this week's Check Yourself for Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, while looking back at the clip of Marcus and Brooke celebrating, A1 says "who ain't [scared of Brooke?"]. The fact that Marcus is still trying to kick it with Stassia has Brooke annoyed AF. Paris isn't appreciating how Marcus was talking to Brooke but he says "that's that" in defense of putting his foot down. He doesn't know who he thought he was that day, but he sure as hell wasn't A1.

Watch as A1 and Marcus try to figure out who Teairra's new boo is, Marcus' little twinkle in his eye for La'Britney, and Solo Lucci's inability to pronounce the letter "L" in the full clip above.

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