Who Is America's Next Top Model's New Judge Drew Elliot?

From "club kid" to <I>Paper Magazine</I> to <I>America's Next Top Model</I>.

You may not have heard of Drew Elliott before but the new America's Next Top Model judge has been moving and shaking behind the scenes for years.

At Paper Magazine, he has been responsible for some of the publication's most iconic covers, as well as for building their robust digital presence. Now Drew is taking his years of experience and unique creative vision to the ANTM judging panel and we cannot wait. Here's what you need to know about Drew now!

Drew is Chief Creative Officer at Paper Magazine.

"Basically what I do at Paper is I oversee the whole brand of Paper," Elliott told VH1, "So all of our digital channels, we have an agency, and, of course, the magazine. So I oversee it from a creative perspective but also a business perspective."

Drew is responsible for that Kim Kardashian "break the internet" Paper Magazine cover.

During Elliott's time at Paper he has been responsible for many iconic covers, including pregnant Blac Chyna, Miley Cyrus and a pig, and mostly famously Kim Kardashian's NSFW spread. Elliott told VH1, "Over 70 million people have come to our website just to see those images."

Drew got his start in the industry as a "club kid."

Drew was part of the second wave of "club kids" in the early '00s, running the list at the Roxy and later throwing iconic parties like PrettyUgly. While he was rubbing elbows with everyone, from Madonna and Justin Timberlake to Amanda Lepore and Richie Rich in his nightlife career, he was also simultaneously getting his professional start interning at Paper Magazine.

Drew describes his personal aesthetic as "villainous."

Elliott told VH1, the favorite item in his closet is a "sick" pair of women's boots by Louis Vuitton and in the past, he has described his style as "villainous." He told The Coveteur, "If asked to describe my style in a word, it would be villainous. I take a lot of inspiration from Judge Doom. I like a balance between cartoon and classic. That said, I almost exclusively wear women’s clothing. I also love to trick the eye. All of my shoes are stacked. Whether it be Givenchy creepers or shoes from 8th street in Manhattan that I have customized on St. Marks street, I must have a little lift."

Don't you dare miss Drew on the premiere of America's Next Top Model on Monday, December 12th at 10/9c!