Did Tink Just Hint That She's Going To Be On 'Empire'?

With 'Empire' connections Timbaland and Jim Beanz, Tink could easily land a guest appearance on the show.

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When it comes to having the Empire hookup, Tink is your girl. Not only is she Timbaland's hottest emerging artist (Timba executive produces Empire's music), Tink has also worked with Jim Beanz, the show's music director. We spoke to Tink about Empire, and she gave us a little taste of what she knows about the much-awaited second season. Could she be appearing on the show?

"I would appear on the show, but I don't wanna let too much out of the bag just yet," Tink told us. "Season two of Empire is gonna be big. Shout out to Lee Daniels. He's definitely doing his thing with the show."

So, Tink, what you're saying is that you're going to be on the show, right? Season two of Empire is bound to be just as, if not more, sensational than the first. And with guest appearances from Oprah, Eminem, and now Tink, how could it be anything less?

Watch the first clip to hear Tink talk about Empire and her working relationship with Jim Beanz, and peep the second clip to hear her freestyle.