Jackie Christie Wants Shaunie and Evelyn to Give Jennifer a Chance in This 'Basketball Wives' Highlight

"I want no part of Jennifer Williams."

Evelyn and Shaunie are not ready to forgive and forget when it comes to Jennifer and her recent behavior, but Jackie Christie wants them to give her a chance.

After spreading rumors about Shaunie's ex, Shaunie is 100% done with Jennifer. "I want no part of Jennifer Williams," she says. But Jackie Christie has other ideas.

You see, Jackie knows what it's like to be the odd woman out in this group. She spent a lot of time in Jennifer's shoes, and now that she is out of the woods and in a good place with the rest of the women, she is ready to help Jennifer make amends and hash out any issues. Her ideal setting? A crystal party.

Will Shaunie and Evelyn be able to forgive Jennifer? Tune in to Basketball Wives at Wednesday at 8/7c!