Definitive Proof That Celebrities Stan Hard for Fried Chicken

You're not celebrating National Fried Chicken Day alone.

Let's just get one thing straight: Fried chicken is a national treasure. This is a hard fact, and anyone who disagrees is a disgrace to the United States. (Unless you're a vegetarian or vegan, in which case, you do you.) Whether you're hitting up the drive-thru at KFC, getting fixins' at Bojangles'—my fellow Southerners know what I'm talking about—or eating it homemade (#blessed), fried chicken is always amazing. While it may not seem obvious, given their physiques, celebs also go hard for this artery-clogging dish. (They just have fancy trainers to help work off the food's negative effects!) Don't believe us? Here are 10 A-listers who have plead unwavering allegiance to deep-battered poultry.

Julianne Moore

While chatting with David Letterman on The Late Show four years ago, the Oscar winner divulged a story about when her family made a fast food pit stop while stuck in traffic. J's adoration for Colonel Sanders' cuisine is evident when she admits she said, "F—k it, let's get a bucket," to signify her fam should go to KFC. "That chicken was delicious," she mused. However, the fun got cut short when Julianne says they saw a pre-teen kid throwing up in the parking lot: "I said to my husband, 'Let's not ever come back.'" Definition of an iconic story.

Scott Disick

The Lord may be dealing with a new set of problems now, but let's remember a simpler time just a few months ago. It was March, and Scott stuffed boxes of Burger King chicken fries into his Louis Vuitton bag. (The above Instagram post proves it.) The reality star's dedication to the fried wonder was so strong that he captioned the pic, "Now that @BurgerKing #chickenfriesareback, I'm taking them with me wherever I go #chickenfries #bkpdpartner." This is what royalty truly looks like, people.

Nicki Minaj

When you're Nicki, you can request just about anything. Including fried chicken. In the February/March 2012 issue of Wonderland magazine, readers got a sneak peek at the "Anaconda" singer's tour rider list, which includes bottles of apple juice, a full tea set (like for a tea party), and three 12-piece buckets of fried chicken. But you can't just run out to Popeyes: Nicki wants no thighs and plenty of wings. The Queen has spoken.

Britney Spears

Of course BritBrit makes our list. Not only does this flawless photo exist, but Britney also talked poultry when she caught up with Ryan Seacrest in 2007. When Ryan asked what B and her pals did to celebrate the release of her then-new LP Blackout, she said they just watched movies and ate fried chicken. (And Famous Amos cookies, according to her former manager and permanent slime-ball Sam Lutfi.) Leave it to Britney to celebrate arguably her most critically successful album to date with a little fast food run. GD goddess.

Khloe Kardashian

In May, Khloe shared this A+ pic of her crew nomming hard on some Popeyes in what looks like a private jet pajama party. (Where was our invitation?) And when some Internet trolls shaded Khloe for appropriating African-American culture after posing with the deep-fried delicacy, she took to Twitter with some choice words. "How is any one [sic] 'trying to be black' because they are eating food?" she asked. "I wasn't aware that food was limited to a certain skin color." Just enjoy your wings, bb. The haters were probably just hungry.

Amanda Bynes (via Viola Hastings in She's the Man)

Who can forget this prime moment from She's the Man (2006), when Viola is angry-eating a drumstick and, contrary to her teacher's wishes, not chewing like she has a secret? It's a very important moment in both pop culture and our nation's history.

Timothy Olyphant

This man is literally praying to the holy grail of fried chicken. In a January interview with Bon Appétit magazine, the Justified star admitted his last meal would be Willie Mae’s fried chicken. "When you go to a place like Willie Mae's [in New Orleans] and you eat the fried chicken, that's a bit of a life-changing experience, in the same way as seeing a groundbreaking film or piece of artwork. It's the difference between listening to a mediocre indie rock band 
and the Rolling Stones' Exile on Main St.," he told the publication. Amen.

Gabourey Sidibe (via Queenie in American Horror Story: Coven)

WHERE IS HER EMMY? There are two reasons to watch AHS: Coven. The first is Emma Roberts' genre-defining line "Surprise, bitch!" The second is when Gabourey's character Queenie uses her human Voodoo doll powers to burn a customer's hand by sticking her own hand into a pot of frying oil. This further proves she should've been the Supreme.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Andy Cohen

This photo was taken on Watch What Happens Live in May 2010, and it's mysterious, majestic, and mouth-watering. SJP's eyes just scream, "FRIED CHICKEN 4 LYFE!"

Zac Brown Band

"Chicken Fried" is the fried chicken national anthem, tbh.