Stevie J Threw Serious Threats at Sean Garrett, But the Audience Doesn’t Seem to Believe the Hitman is About That Life

"Does anybody here really think Stevie is going to knock someone out?"

Let's just put this out there: Erica Mena and Stevie J will probably never get along again. Seriously, it's ten toes down every time they see one another now.

While speaking about their former Danger Zone er-uh, situation, Erica admits that she at one point did respect Stevie J, but now all of that is out of the window, clearly. In this Love & Hip Hop Atlanta highlight, all types of threats are being made when Erica and Stevie argue about his original intentions, yet again. Mena claims that the whole Danger Zone recruitment happened just to annoy Estelita. The discussion quickly gets heated and it's not too long before Stevie takes a jab at Erica's motherhood shortly after she brings up his child support woes.

"My daughter was going to drag your ass," Stevie says escalating the situation, continuing to anger Erica to the umpteenth degree. Whatever you do, you don't bring up the family and his remark about her son leaves Erica promising that Stevie will be handled by the time he leaves the taping.

Fellow music producer Sean Garrett is roped into the conversation and it's clear the beef from Jessica Dime's baby shower is far from over. As Sean is demanding respect, Stevie is talking about "pulling up" so they square up mano a mano. Sean isn't here for any of that, though. He just wants to make hits and give people an opportunity out here.

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