Celebrities Who Were Mean In Interviews For Seemingly No Reason

No chill for the reporters, apparently.

For most celebrities, doing press is an incredibly un-fun process. They have to answer the same questions over and over with unwavering pep. We understand, it's difficult. Sometimes, A-listers get snippy when reporters ask out-of-line questions or have rude demeanors. In those cases, we get the bark. But when all a journalist does is ask routine question, we don't get the bite. And it's happened more times than you think.

In these seven interviews, stars were quite unfriendly toward media people for seemingly no reason at all. Whether it's in the form of an eye roll or straight-up insult, there is no question something pissed them off. May we offer a little perspective, guys? If the worst part of your job is explaining what it's like to work with Morgan Freeman 50 times in a row, you're doing pretty well.

Bruce Willis

In a 2013 interview promoting Red 2, Magic FM's Jamie Edwards desperately tried to engage Willis in simple dialogue about the film. Were his questions groundbreaking? No, but they were harmless. Apparently, banality was enough to put Willis in an aggressively unpleasant mood. He answered most of Edwards' questions with a smugness and at times even sneered at him. Yikes. All of this for, "What was your favorite location to shoot in the movie?"

Jennifer Lawrence

J.Law's spat with a foreign reporter at the 2016 Golden Globes went crazy viral, but she ended up taking most of the heat. Why? It appears Lawrence was simply too impatient with a journalist who kept looking at his phone (probably to read his questions, which is common). "You can't live your whole life behind your phone, bro," Lawrence said, wagging her finger. The reporter, whose first language wasn't English and struggled to form sentences, asked, "How do you see yourself for the Oscar night?" He was most likely trying to ask Lawrence about the then-upcoming Academy Awards, but the Joy actress took this as the him not knowing where they were. "We're at the Golden Globes," she said condescendingly. "If you put your phone down, you'd know that." Jeez. Give the man a break!

Denzel Washington

Journalist Leila McKinnon sat down with Washington to chat about Unstoppable (2010), but things didn't go according to plan. Washington wasn't exactly mean, but he did give cantankerous, awkward answers to McKinnon's softball questions. For example, she asked Washington who his favorite co-star of the past was. His response? "I don't look back. For what?" Like a good journalist, McKinnon changed the subject while keeping the conversation smooth. "So, what do you look to? Is there anybody you're keen to work on? What do you still want to achieve?" she asked. This still wasn't good enough for the Denz. "I want to have a good day today," he said with an irritated grin. The rest of the conversation was just as tense. Post-chat, McKinnon allegedly said she would've preferred interviewing the train in Unstoppable because it would've been more interesting and friendly than Washington.

Quentin Tarantino

Channel 4 News' Krishnan Guru-Murthy is infamous for asking celebrities trolly questions, but we're actually in his corner over the brouhaha with Tarantino during their Django Unchained chat in 2012. Guru-Murthy asked Tarantino why he is so sure there is no link between IRL violence and violence in films. We thought this was a fair question. Tarantino did not. "Don't ask me a question like that," Q said, clearly annoyed. "I'm not biting. I refuse your question." Guru-Murthy asked Tarantino why, to which the director relented, "I'm not your slave, and you're not my master!" Guru-Murthy made the mistake of prying further, which then prompted more anger from Tarantino. The reporter should've left well enough alone, but that doesn't excuse Tarantino's bad attitude right off the bat. That wasn't cool.

Jesse Eisenberg

Univision's Romina Puga sat down with Eisenberg at a Now You See Me (2013) press junket, and it was very, erm, uncomfortable. Puga's banter was met with straight-up lame behavior for Eisenberg, who criticized the reporter's hand scribbles and conversational tone. At one point, he called her the Carrot Top of interviewers, which he said was a good thing. (K.) The cherry on top came when Puga said she was going to cry because of Eisenberg's rudeness, and he told her to cry after the interview so he wouldn't know he was responsible. No chill for the journalist, eh?

Justin Bieber

Bieber didn't seem enthusiastic about this Spanish radio interview from last year, but the journalists were friendly enough. However, it appears things went South when the journalists asked Bieber to help them "break the Internet" with some type of stunt. (Weird, yes, but not outlandish.) This annoyed the pop star, so he split. Not exactly the most logical response.

Kanye West

Leave it to West to get angry over literally nothing. During a sit-down with Today, Matt Lauer brought up his infamous stunt at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards and showed footage of it. That didn't bother West. What did, though, is when show producers played the footage on top of West trying to talk--a commonality in daytime TV, mind you. "I'm hearing it while I'm trying to talk," West said angrily. "Please don't let that happen. It's, like, ridiculous." This is basically the equivalent of West getting angry at Lauer for wearing a suit.