Throwback Pics of Hilary Duff in All Her Teenage Glory

These photos are literally "so yesterday." (See what we did there?)

It is a well-known fact that Hilary Duff is an ethereal sunshine goddess who has the ability to slay any and all faves with just a smile. We're barely four months into 2015, and Duff is already killing the game with new sitcom Younger (opposite Sutton Foster) and triumphant return to dance-pop with her (second) comeback single, "Sparks." In fact, there's so much Duff-tastic energy in the air that it almost feels like the early 2000s again.

The last time our beloved Duff was this much in the spotlight was her glorious Lizzie McGuire era from approximately 2001 to 2004 – a time characterized by neon pants, chokers, and a rendezvous with one Aaron Carter. It was a glorious period for America, really. Thankfully, the Internet does a good job at leaving us a trail of (jelly shoe-colored) breadcrumbs.

We unearthed vintage photos of Duff that are too perfect for words. After you go through them, you'll be thoroughly convinced (as we are) that HD is the most important entertainer of her generation. After all, she did rock a jean-on-jean cowgirl outfit. Actual queen.

What's happening here?

Two queens surveying their kingdom of basics. (Crying over 2003 Amanda Bynes)

Frankie Muniz doesn't realize how lucky he is to have a photo with such a goddess.

Sometimes, all you need in life is a good lace choker. #fashion

The most iconic television cast ever. (Orlando Brown is an honorary member, obviously.)

*Laughs because your faves could never pull off green floral pants.*

Somewhere right now, Aaron Carter is looking at this exact photo and crying.

Blazing Kids' Choice Awards fashion for years to come with this pastel flower masterpiece.

The dream team. Why haven't these three recorded a song?! Picture the slayage.

A true pioneer of denim rodeo get-ups.


Pink flower hair clip? Check. Half up/half down 'do? Check. Ruffle dress? Check. All the ingredients to make a flaw-free style moment.

Sitting on her throne.

What does Duff wish she could tell her younger self? Not to care so much.

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