Old Guy On Molly Dances His Ass Off At Willie Nelson Gig

If you've ever been to a rave or a club with a DJ spinning EDM, it's very likely that you've seen the effects that MDMA has on attendees. Namely, people get sweaty, dance their faces off, and drink tons of water. Heck, they might even put a pacifier in their mouth or suck on a lollipop like their life depended on it. You usually don't get this kind of behavior at a Willie Nelson concert, though, which is what makes the above clip so endlessly fascinating.

Sure, Willie Nelson is one of the most progressive faces in the "Legalize It!" marijuana movement; chances are he's probably been stoned longer than you've even been alive! And while a fair number of his fans pass around joints at live shows, most dope smokers tend to want to sit in the grass, listen to some tunes, and stare up at the sky, mannnnnn. Not this jabroni, though! He appears to have taken enough molly to make Miley Cyrus lick the Bob Hope star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. Props to this dude for turning a by-the-numbers bluegrass show into his own personal Ibiza; we just hope he wasn't too hungover the next day.

Um, our lawyers would probably get pissed if we didn't say "Don't do drugs." So, um, yeah, don't do drugs, especially if you've got grey hair and you're going to a Willie Nelson show.