Snoop Dogg Was Extremely Impressed Watching Martha Stewart Try This Exotic Sushi

She's a real gangsta!

Would you be willing to test your limits and try an unheard of raw food blindfolded? Many folks would respond with a smooth "hell no," but there's one person on Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party who likes to live on the edge.

In their latest foray in the kitchen, our favorite chef duo tries their luck with Uni, otherwise known as sea urchin. The gooey sea animal comes in a prickly shell and is slimy to the touch. While most would frown at this unusual form of sushi, Martha ain't never scared. The pro chef may have missed her calling as a contestant on the reality show Survivor. The way she downed that Uni like a G, gets all our respect. The pep talk from special guests Mike Epps and Kathy Lee Griffin might've helped too.

While Martha had no fears, our beloved Uncle Snoop needed a little coaching. One bite of the sea urchin and your boy had to find a trash can quick.