'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' Beat Out Some Serious Competition at the MTV Movie & TV Awards and People Are Shook

"Ratchet pay off sometimes..."

ICYMI, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta won big at the MTV Movie & TV Awards for being 'Reality Royalty!' Spice, Karlie Redd, Bambi, and Scrappy took to the stage after being announced as winners and were completely shocked. They were up against The Bachelor, Jersey Shore, Vanderpump Rules and The Challenge.

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2019 MTV Movie And TV Awards - Show

“We thought we wasn’t going to win so we was like, let’s just stop the embarrassment. As soon as they call our names we’re going to quietly walk out the door," Karlie Redd told the audience while accepting their award.

Scrappy admitted to the crowd, “I was just telling them over there, I think we too ratchet to win the award. But ratchet pay off sometimes.”

Not everyone was super excited to see Love & Hip Hop Atlanta take the stage to accept the golden popcorn. I present, Exhibit A:

Some people in the audience were visibly shocked.


With the Jersey Shore cast being pretty vocal about their disapproval.


You can see Angelina yelling, "What the f-ck?"

Angelina also took to Instagram stories to vent her frustration, calling the win " complete bullsh-t."

In an unaired moment, Johnny Bananas from The Challenge even went onstage in an attempt to pull a Kanye West and take the award. He told the audience "We finally won! After all these years, it's about time MTV finally gives "The Challenge" the recognition it deserves." He also added, "All the other shows that got nominated are essentially paying rent in the genre we created." Yikes.

The internet was quick. They saw how the audience reacted and went in!

Meanwhile, Jersey Shore cast member, Dina made a little statement on Twitter.

And Mona Scott Young, you know, the woman responsible for Love & Hip Hop poked a little fun at the situation. She posted a meme captioned, "They SHORE is salty."

No subtext there, just straight shade!

Congratulations, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta! You can watch the cast on Mondays at 8/7c to see why they totally deserve to be crowned Reality Royalty.