'Scandal': Olivia and Fitz Are the Worst Couple Ever

-Jasmine Grant

The latest episode of Scandal ended with an intense encounter between Olivia and Fitz. As we inch closer to the season 4 finale, its painfully clear that "Olitz" needs to call it quits. For good.

If Olivia and Fitz never again shared another closed door moment gazing helplessly into each other's eyes/daydreaming about jam, it would be too soon. The exhaustive on-again, off-again romance between Olivia and the President came to a screeching halt on episode 13 ("No More Blood"), where Olivia was reunited with Fitz for the first time since being returned from captivity. Instead of falling back into the welcoming arms of the man who moved Heaven and Earth to set her free, Liv let Fitz have it for using piss poor judgment and sacrificing thousands of lives to get her back. "You didn's save me. I'm on my own!" Liv quips before showing Fitz the door. In that moment, Liv came realize what we've known all along — there is no Vermont in her future. There will be no jam making. Olivia and Fitz will never enjoy a Utopian existence together, free of consequences, responsibilities. and mass media attention. Throughout the show, Olivia and Fitz have continuously allowed common sense to fall by the wayside, holding on to the fantasy that they could live happily ever after post-White House. Liv has not only accepted that this isn't realistic, but now sees Fitz for who he really is — weak, ungrateful and far too willing to throw it all away.

If spending days held hostage, not knowing whether she'd live or die, doesn't make Olivia want to lock Fitz down for good, it's safe to say nothing will. The sad but glaring truth is that Liv was and is the anchor that held his presidency together. The only way for her to drink this in was to witness the kind of call Fitz would make when forced to lead on his own without her influence. Now that Fitz's total incompetence has been revealed, Liv’s seen what a future with Fitz holds — and for the first time — doesn't want any parts of it. Declaring war to save Liv was a foolish decision — one that put all of her many hard sacrifices on the line. Though it put Gladiators in a temporary state of panic, Liv's abduction did some good in clearing the smoke on Fitz’s character and bringing to light an unforgivable flaw in the man she loves. For now, "Olitz" is off; and the show would benefit greatly if it stayed that way. Maybe now Liv can permanently set aside her dreams of making Smuckers with bae and get back to being the fixer we loved in Season 1.

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