Melissa Joan Hart Admits She Was Kinda Pissed 'Drive Me Crazy' Was Named After a Britney Spears Song

She just didn't think BritBrit would be <i>that</i> big, okay?

Melissa Joan Hart brought back Clarissa Darling for a new Bustle segment and it will make that part of your heart you left in the '90s flutter like nothing else.

Called "Melissa Joan Hart Explains the '90s," the video features Melissa talking about '90s music, fashion, heartthrobs and more. God, what ever happened to wearing combat boots with flannel?

Melissa also brought up the time she did the "Drive Me Crazy" video with Britney Spears and spoke about the 1999 movie of the same name, which starred her and Adrian Grenier. She admitted that she really didn't want Drive Me Crazy to be named after Britney's song because she ultimately didn't think that Britney would be a big deal down the road.

"I tried to fight Fox on that," Melissa said. "I was like, 'Some little teenybopper's gonna come in and rename our movie? She's gonna be a flash in the pan, nobody's gonna remember her in five years and then our movie's gonna be named after her song.' I was a little wrong."

Yo, MJH! Britney was just getting started in 1999! This prediction could not have been further from what played out in real life, but then again, how was MJH supposed to know that Brit would practically own the 2000s? It's okay, girl. Clarissa and Sabrina will forever be in our hearts.

Watch Melissa explain the '90s via Bustle below.