The-Dream Keeps It 100 (and One) With Dakota Unique in This 'SIGNED' Sneak Peek

Dakota has to do better, be better if she's gonna stay in the competition.

The-Dream is forever telling the artist, "Only you can f--k this up!" and in this sneak peek of next week's episode of SIGNED, he's saying it specifically to Dakota Unique.

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Rick Ross and Lenny S. were both vibing out to Dakota as she repped her city throughout her audition, but it was The-Dream that was really sold on bringing her into the competition because of her spunky vibe. Now that she's in the competition, The Moguls aren't convinced that she deserves to stay. They (mentally) put her in the same category as Just Brittany because they are the only two female rappers left in the competition, but Dakota Unique finds them to be in different lanes because they rap about different things. Dakota feels like she raps about real stuff, "like the boy rappers" and Brittany focuses on singing and Lenny S. definitely disagrees since Brittany is all about tryna get that money. They play her latest song and The-Dream is not moved. He tells Dakota that she has one more shot to get her life right because her voice and flow isn't enough to carry her in the competition or she's going home.

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