I’m Married To A… Sneak Peek: Is There Such A Thing As Too Much?

You may have read about certain celebrities battling this affliction in the gossip columns of various tabloids, or seen the grisly details conveyed in recent Oscar bait, but how does sex addiction affect the romantic relationships of real people? On this week’s new episode of I’m Married To A… we meet Heather and her Denzel-esque boo, Craig, a couple on the road to marriage with a secret they feel with shock those around them. “Most people, when they see us they have no idea what’s going on,” Craig explains. Color us intrigued!

Will Craig’s constant need for physical satisfaction disrupt their relationship? Is a sex addict ever capable of finding real, lasting love? Learn more about Heather and Craig’s atypical situation in an all-new episode of I’m Married To A… on Tuesday at 10/9 C.

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