And The Number One Greatest Love & Hip Hop Moment Is…

All week, we’ve counted down the 40 greatest moments from every season of Love & Hip Hop, including New York and Atlanta. With two explosive casts that know how to bring the drama, there were more than enough moments to choose from, but only one can ride shotgun on Stevie J’s bus. (Whatever that means.) So which moment was the greatest of all?

You’re going to have to scroll through the top ten to find out, and be sure to tune in to The 40 Greatest Love & Hip Hop Moments tonight at 8PM ET/PT on VH1.

10. Maurice, Mo’ Problems

Somaya’s manager Maurice managed to get on Jimmy’s bad side in the #10 moment, and that’s never a good idea.

9. Creepin’

This moment of debauchery plays out like a game of Clue. It was Kirk in the hot tub with Mary Jane — and it nearly killed Rasheeda when she heard about it.

8. Love Jones

After Chrissy proposed to Jim, it was only right that he returned the favor.

7. Playing With Fire

K.Michelle may have taken things a bit too far in her fight with Rasheeda when she flings a lit candle at her former friend.

6. On Bended Knee

Yet another proposal (and not even the last one on this list), this time it was Scrappy who got on bended knee at the Atlanta season one reunion. It was a sweet moment…for everyone but Shay.

5. Chrissy Vs. Yandy

Chrissy and Yandy continue their beef.

4. The Piano Lesson

The main takeaway from this fight between K.Michelle and Kirk is don’t mess with a woman who can craft a good diss track.

3. Rules Of Engagement

Stevie + Joseline + Mimi = Life Partner Gang. Whether they like it or not.

2. “Still Look Pretty”

This is the moment Kimbella became a star. After having the balls to announce to a room full of people, including Emily B, that she hooked up with Fabolous, who happens to be Emily’s man, Chrissy went in for the kill. After the vicious fight, Kimbella’s reaction was…let’s say, the most optimistic one ever when she fixed herself up in the mirror and announced “Still look pretty!”

1. Unplanned Parenthood

Watching Joseline on a public toilet seat crying as she takes a pregnancy test is about as real as reality TV gets and takes the spot as our number one moment. The only thing crazier than this moment was seeing Stevie J carry the pregnancy test around with him all day.