In Her Own Words: Jackie Christie Recaps The Beginning Of Season 3 Of Basketball Wives LA

During this season of Basketball Wives LA, Jackie Christie has offered to contribute her thoughts and commentary to the VH1 Blog. We’re thrilled to have her recap the season for us, and in her first installment, she gave us an overview of the entire season up until now, as well as her thoughts on last night’s episode.


Wow, here we are yet again! This time with Basketball Wives LA season 3! The cast of characters from past seasons have changed a bit with only myself, Draya, and Malaysia returning. Along with a few new faces that are sure to bring that BBW LA drama! With everyone playing dirty, this season has already kicked off with a BANG!!!

Beginning with me getting the all the wives and girlfriends together to hopefully assist me with my GLAAD event! Which is something very near and dear to my heart! Being a long-time supporter of the LGBT community, I really want all of the ladies, to believe in and love the cause as much as I do. Arriving at the Bugatta resturant where I arranged for us all to meet, Sundy and I got there first so we enjoyed a few spirits while awaiting the other ladies. Of course one by one they trickle in, but not fast enough! I kept sitting there thinking about how much I really wanted them all to get along! If we could just form an alliance, we are all voices as our spouses better halves and we could really make a difference, as there is truly strength in numbers!

Brandi wasted no time however asking Sundy to explain what was going on with Sundy and her daughter, Deja, and that surely set the tone. Because soon after Brittish went for the jugular on Draya who had just walked. Draya had barely shared any pleasantries before being hit with the “million dollar question,” ARE YOU A HO?!?! Those words echoed throughout the room! Shock, disbelief, mayhem as well as sheer and utter confusion followed. The girls went into a frenzy! I observed and remained silent choosing instead to lead by example as some things are just better left unsaid, and I knew it was a sticking point for Draya!

Ariane, a new lady to the group of course had a bone to pick with Draya as well. She wanted to know what happened with Draya and her kids’ father! But Draya wasn’t having any of that either, as she quickly laid her feeling on that matter on the table! And as the tears fell silently from Ariane’s eyes, i felt the pain of a woman scorned and now facing her rival.  The room filled with screams of displeasure, sides were being drawn even at that early point.

For me having known Draya for a few years and taking up for her at times, yet also having my issues with her was ironic. I found myself feeling like a protective sister. And ultimately getting the girls to agree to help out with my event was a good feeling. Next up was the meeting to line it all up! The event was coming up fast, and I needed to be sure I could count on them to assist me to make it an amazing event!

In between planning for the GLAAD event, I stopped by my daughter Chantel’s house  see what she’s been up to and catch up, since she moved back to LA to pursue her modeling, acting and singing career. I wanted to see if I could be of any help to her,  which she calmly shut down completely while reminding me to just be her mommy! Even though she knows that I’d make a hell of a “momenger.” She also shared a whole lot more, like the fact that she had been communicating with and seeing a guy, which blew me away! I thought, “Huh? Dating? Who? Where? What the…?” She then dropped an atom bomb… She said the guy was dating my friend!! I’m thinking who the heck is she talking about? Lo and behold the “friend” was Draya! Oh NO! I thought Draya!?!?! No way! I felt faint!
I knew immediately I needed to figure out a way to tell Draya. NOT to hurt her, but to clear the air and  be forthright to a friend. Especially about something so important as this  and my daughter was involved! So the predicament was my daughter on one hand and Draya on the other! It was a disaster waiting to happen! I needed to ask someone outside of the situation that I trusted, to give me their opinion on it all, I mean it’s not everyday a person is faced with such a decision! Looking back I truly learned a valuable lesson, stay out of matters of the heart, for love can often times be blind!

So lets talk about the new ladies….

Brittish: A feisty,  outspoken spitfire who I named the “Firecracker” early on. She came through with a vengeance! She is no nonsense and in your face, but yet can be sweet as pie when she wants to be!

Sundy: Soft spoken and articulate. and I call her the “Quiet Storm.” Sundy is a fun and loyal friend, willing to go to battle for someone she cares about and definitely for her children! She is not one to be taken lightly.

Brandi: A woman who’s been through a lot, yet still tries to find the good in every situation. Brandi is also soft spoken and an observer.

This season is a turbulent roller coaster, beautiful at times and also chaotic and wild at others! I have said it’s “like letting the animals out of the cage!” When all of us women get together even to just grab a quick bite to eat, things get WILD!

There seems to always be some unfinished business,  a “T” not crossed or an “I” not dotted with these woman. And no one is willing to take the blame! Draya and I have the ongoing issue of the infidelity with her “boo,” Brittish and Malaysia are at odds with DRY hellos 🙂 Sundy and Brandi with the “Don’t ask about my children again”!

THE GUYS: Even though there’s complete insanity most times we even share quality time with our spouses, those are the only calming moments so far! Doug and Brittish’s fiance, Lorenzo, got a chance to work out together and share some intimate conversation about love, life, and marriage, even SEX!!! Kike how to keep it poppin’! And the four of us even go out to dinner where i was immediately put on the spot by Lorenzo whom I met for the very first time! He wanted my take on keeping a marriage tight! i gathered from his line of questioning that he really wants to keep those fires burning with his bride-to-be! And now i just need to get the two of them to loosen up a little and step out the box! (You have to watch the episode to see what I mean.) 🙂
All of this brings me to this week’s episode…First I must say I have to get that body wrap the girls got! Looks like a hoot! Sundy putting together this fab trip to Palm Springs was interesting, mostly because we are all aware of the catastrophic possibilities of us trying to co-habitate  under one roof for more than 5 minutes. I just don’t believe it’s going to be possible! But hey, my friend is asking me to go, so of course I’m game to support! Watching the girls Draya, Malaysia and Brandi discuss me and my feelings was hard! As my mindset at the time was one of a neutral position and I really felt okay about sitting down with Draya to discuss any issues she may have had regarding Chantel and Orlando’s situation; or lack thereof!!! But they seemed dead-set on making me out to be a villain who was after Draya’s head; not so!

Sundy was successful in getting us to Palm Springs, and now the fun begins!! OH BOY!! Hold on to your seat & STAY TUNED FOR MUCH MORE!

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