Yes, Girl or Dry-Ass No! Should Brittish Have Been Invited To Palm Springs With The Basketball Wives LA

The Basketball Wives LA took a girls’ weekend to Palm Springs to try and bond and brush off all the ish that has been thrown all season. Sundy and Brandi mended ways when they came up with the idea also hoping that Jackie and Draya could put their differences aside. Notice anything unusual? No Brittish. Even though the youngest wife has been throwing her shoes off and arguing with both Brandi and Malaysia, she was not included in the retreat. Malaysia said she didn’t have time for Brittish right now and Sundy agreed that maybe the more “mature” women should meet and figure out how to get along before they involved the youngen’. What do you think? From Twitter it appears the new cast member doesn’t think the ladies needed any help from her to cause a scene? Do you think Brittish should have been invited or not?

Do you think Brittish should have been invited to Palm Springs?